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Crowd authenticator that enables single sign-on (SSO) and synchronization of users between Confluence and Alfresco, while also allowing single point for managing users of both systems (Crowd).

What does it do?

By installing this authenticator between Alfresco and Crowd, you can manage your Alfresco users from Crowd. Also, users connected to other applications, via Crowd SSO, will now also be able to access Alfresco without having to log in again.

Synchronizes all users from Crowd directories associated with the application (Alfresco).
(work around to

  • User login to Alfresco authenticates against user in Crowd directory.
  • New Alfresco user login will be created using attributes from Crowd.
  • Alfresco Share users are authenticated via Crowd.
  • Logging out of Alfresco clears the Crowd token.
  • Syncing and support of nested groups from Crowd to Alfresco
  • SSO feature support - Logging into Alfresco means logged into all other "Crowd-ified" applications that user has privileges to.

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