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Solving the Information Overload Problem

Attensa is solving a massive problem in the industry, all too common to most: "information overload".

With Attensa:

  • Large corporations especially can manage their daily industry research, and gain a significant competitive edge with information being centralized.

  • Through collaboration and opinion gathering directly in Attensa through responses to the centralized information, enterprise organizations can save tons of time, currently being wasted in meetings or miscommunications.

Download Attensa Product Brochure.

Research Industries

Attensa is especially great for research intensive industries, like pharmas, biotech, legal, and news organizations, but really its great for any corp desiring to stay on the leading edge of information.

And in today's day and age of endless and too fast change, saving time == serious competitive edge.

Integration depends on a deployed server with Attensa, as well as Jive 5.

If interested in a live demo of either Attensa, Jive, or the integration, please do contact us.

Demo Video

AppFusions created this early proof of concept application integrating Jive and Attensa for #JiveWorld11, which if you watch the video below is also quite feature rich.

  AppFusions ... Bringing it together.

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