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Dropbox in Atlassian Confluence

Supports Confluence 3.5 - 5.X

Plug and play integration.

Dropbox in Confluence allows you to have all your dropbox files accessible, usable, and visible directly from you Confluence platform.

You can embed, preview, search for, edit, or download your Dropbox files directly from Confluence. Editing is launched directly in your Office tools that you are so familiar with already.

What does it do?

With Dropbox in Confluence, you can:

  • Dropbox file access from within Confluence
  • Embed, preview, edit or download Dropbox files in Confluence
  • "Edit in Office" feature saves files directly to Dropbox
  • High resolution file viewer 
  • Quick menu option shortcuts from Confluence editor



"Opboxdray" is pig latin for "Dropbox"!

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