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Dropbox in Atlassian JIRA

Supports JIRA 5.0 - 6.X

Plug and play installation.

What does it do?

Dropbox in JIRA allows you to have all your Dropbox files accessible from JIRA.

You can preview, link, search for, edit, or download your Dropbox files directly from JIRA. Editing is launched directly in your local Office tools that you are so familiar with already.

With Dropbox in JIRA, you can:

  • Dropbox file management from within JIRA
  • Secure authentication between Dropbox and JIRA
  • Link one or many Dropbox files to any JIRA issue
  • Quick previews while browsing Dropbox file
  • Edit Dropbox file from JIRA using MS Office (Win), NeoOffice (Mac), OpenOffice (Win/Linux)
  • Download local copies of Dropbox files from JIRA



"Opboxdray" is pig latin for "Dropbox"!

Our DMS Integration History

AppFusions' Dropbox in JIRA and Dropbox in Confluence are advanced feature-rich integrations that have benefited from active product management and customer development experience over the past 3 yrs (and beyond in general experience), during development of these and three other flavors of similar integrations:

Internally, AppFusions coins these integrations as our "DMS" integrations (for Document Management System).


AppFusions' Atlassian-based DMS integrations are the market leader, and momentum continues to move fast forward. 

Our first release was in July 2010 (Alfresco), then October 2010 (Google Drive), then June 2011 (Box), and then Dropbox integrations were released in April 2012.

Over time, we have learned much on these integrations, features, authentication requirements, and we have also added features. We are always open to more great ideas as received by our customers.

We hope you will try the integrations and enjoy them!

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