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Google Analytics for Atlassian Confluence

Supports Confluence 3.5 - 5.X

Plug and play integration. Light configuration required.


Google Analytics for Confluence is a dynamic web traffic analytics reporting plugin for Confluence.

  • Plug and play integration application.
  • Top Content macro shows most viewed content in a space (via Google Analytics)
  • Space-level analytics reports.
  • All reports can be run publicly or privately in Confluence.
  • Page caching - page load time is very snappy
  • View analytics reports for external sites in Confluence.

Note: This is the most feature rich and mature Google Analytics integration with Confluence on the market (development since July 2010). Actively supported integration.

Live Demo

See this live demo site - hosted on AppFusions website, tracking statistics of website, and displayed in Confluence.


Displays reports for an external Confluence website, or a particular space (from within that space).


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