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Kerberos SSO Authenticator for AD & Atlassian Applications

Single sign-on authenticator for Active Directory, including service deployment for Confluence, JIRA, Crowd, FishEye, Crucible, Bamboo


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We've deployed SSO between AD and Atlassian products over 80 times and counting!

Deploy single sign-on (SSO) authentication with Confluence, JIRA. Crowd, etc. in Windows/Active Directory environment.

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What does it do?

Our authenticator and service enables single sign-on with Confluence, JIRA, Crowd, FishEye in an Active Directory environment.

Please see the documentation resources for more information.

Authenticator + Service, Inclusive

Given our field experience with so many different environment setups, browsers, operating systems and customer requirements – we have evolved this to an inclusive service/package on this solution.

Having a one-size-fits-all package was not working – since:

  • the variables in environments were (are) vast,
  • the IT experience levels of the people deploying it was vast,

Microsoft no longer recommends NTLM!


According to this Wikipedia article on NTLM, "Microsoft no longer recommends NTLM in applications".

This message is further permeated in their official NT LAN Manager (NTLM) Authentication Protocol Specification (Microsoft; 2010-08-16) documentation: "Security Considerations with NTLM".

Consequently, AppFusions also does not recommend NTLM (even though we can and have deployed NTLM solutions on rare occasions for customers, upon request).

AppFusions has prepared our short comparison tables of the different approaches here and here. FYI only.

Ultimately, we found properly guiding customers through controlled successful implementations was more valuable than throwing a complicated DIY (do-it-yourself) authenticator/configuration over the wall, with no guarantee of success and almost sure frustration.

Environments are varied - and this is a very complex network configuration area.

So now we are doing it right.

Experience matters!


Since we changed to controlled service-inclusive deployments, instead of "do-it-yourself" deployments, success has been 100%. (Prior to providing the inclusive service, success for the customer was low.)

What to expect...

  • Our engineer will work with you to set this up - we do not expect you to do it on your own.

  • Our process is methodical and optimized to get it done quickly, so we need to control the approach for most-efficient troubleshooting. Networks are complicated, and SSO is complicated, and we cannot have random settings conflicting.

  • Upon purchase, you will be delegated an acct to our client wiki, where we will collaborate about your environment and guide you through the configuration for your deployment on your staging environment.

  • There will be a little back and forth on this, but typically this is completed within a couple days to a week, most.

  • Once deployed to your staging, you can replicate the process on your production system with the artifacts we have provided you.

    We insist on hearing back about your success. Why do it, if not successful, we figure.

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