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Enabling Value-Up Growth Possibilities

How our customers use AlohaCloud is virtually without limits but all have one thing in common – they start with a challenge, design an experience to bring together content, data, applications, and users - with a purpose - for insights, collaboration, and ultimately action. 


Whether the users are internal or external, the applications are SaaS or legacy, the content in different silos, so much is possible with AlohaCloud, in nearly every industry and across dozens of use cases.

and many more...

Integrated digital workplaces for streamlined work between employees, suppliers, partners, customers

Community Building

Reduce CSR churn by providing a unified, smart, integrated interface to deliver a better customer experience

Contact Center Hub

Bring together Smart Cities data related to disparate apps, govt. infrastructure, utilities, transportation, more

Smart Cities

Build consistent, personalized workplaces for employee onboarding, training, benefits and ongoing HR

Onboarding, Training

Distribute collected and aggregated data in personalized experiences, collaborate remotely better

Franchise Mgmt/Portals

Reduce system migrations, bring together disparate corporate resources, smooth communications and insights

M&A Integrations

Real-time, processed, secure, trusted data to leverage operations, IoT and other disparate data for action

IoT and Big Data Hubs

Track, integrate, analyze, streamline processes for continuous improvement. Discover efficiency roadblocks

Predictive Maintenance

Use Case Examples

Digital Transformations for All Industries


Financial Services

New Energy

Government Agencies

Pharma & Labs

Healthcare & Biotech

Retail Franchises

Hospitality & Travel

Higher Education