Atlassian Plug-n-Play Server Integrations

Since 2010, AppFusions has been a leading developer of packaged solutions for Atlassian software.

We are experts in Atlassian software development solutions and integrations. Hundreds of customers have reliably used/renewed these solutions annually and for years now. They "just work"!

  • AlfrescoFilesInAtlassianConfluence.png

    Access, preview, embed, edit Alfresco, download local copies, from inside Confluence.

  • AlfrescoFilesInAtlassianJira.png

    Access, edit, download, preview, and link Alfresco files to JIRA issues, from inside JIRA.

  • AlfrescoUserSyncForAtlassianCrowd.png

    Automatic user synching between Alfresco and Atlassian Crowd.

  • BoxFilesInAtlassianConfluence.png

    Access, preview, embed, edit docs, download Box files from Confluence.

  • BoxFilesInAtlassianJIRA.png

    Access, preview, and link Box files to JIRA issues, from JIRA.

  • CFR_Part11E-SignaturesForAtlassianJira.p

    Add an e-signature to your JIRA workflow. Includes printable audit reports.

  • DoxygenForAtlassianConfluence.png

    All your compiled Doxygen docs, in Confluence. Searchable, attachable, available.

  • DoxygenForAtlassianJira.png

    All your compiled Doxygen docs, in JIRA. Searchable, attachable, available.

  • DropboxInAtlassianConfluence.png

    Access, preview, embed, edit in Office apps, download local copies of Dropbox files, from Confluence.

  • DropboxInAtlassianJira.png

    Access, edit, download, preview, and link Dropbox files to JIRA issues directly from JIRA.

  • EnterpriseDirectoryForAtlassianConfluenc

    Enterprise directory and org chart for Confluence (AD/LDAP integration, with list filtering).


    Site-wide and space-wide analytics of all Confluence activity.

  • GoogleDriveInAtlassianConfluence.png

    Access, preview, embed, edit docs, download local copies of Google files, from Confluence.  Also forms.

  • GoogleDriveInAtlassianJira.png

    Access, edit, download, preview, and link Google files to JIRA issues, directly from JIRA.

  • GoogleSSOforAtlassianConfluence.png

    Securely log into Confluence using Google log-in credentials.

  • GoogleSSOforAtlassianJira.png

    Securely log into JIRA using Google log-in credentials.


    Yammer feeds, commenting, interactions, and engagement, all from within Confluence.

  • MixpanelforAtlassianConfluence.png

    Rich, deep real-time analytics for Confluence via Mixpanel analytics.

  • NewRelicForAtlassianBamboo.png

    Publishes Bamboo database statistics to New Relic.

  • NewRelicForAtlassianBitbucket.png

    Publishes Bitbucket Server database statistics to New Relic.

  • NewRelicForAtlassianConfluence.png

    Publishes Confluence database statistics to New Relic.

  • NewRelicForAtlassianJira.png

    Publishes JIRA database statistics to New Relic.

  • PopViewForAtlassianConfluence.png

    Tooltips plugin for Confluence.

  • PrivatePartsForAtlassianConfluence.png

    Suppressing private profile names for external Wikis with restricted spaces.

  • SalesforceForAtlassianJIRA.png

    Available upon request, since this requires deployment support by us to ensure success only.

  • SharpViewHigh-ResPDFViewerinAtlassianCon

    Rich-featured high-resolution PDF viewer in Confluence.

  • SSOkerberosAuthenticatorForAtlassian.png

    Users log into desktop via Active Directory, and are also logged into their Atlassian application.

  • SSO_SAML2AuthenticatorForAtlassian.png

    Users log into desktop and are also logged into their Atlassian application.

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