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Training to AppFusions, based on talking with 100s of customers over the last few years, means something similar to the picture to the right - giving a "hand-step" to the admins or users, to really optimize and empower themselves to reach the stars, pragmatically.

Perhaps this sounds corny - but to us, that's what it means.

 (tick)   (tick)   (tick)  We also think it means ...  (tick)    (tick)   (tick)

  • Training on your staging system with your data. If you do not have a staging system, we will insist you build one, or we will help you.

    (Lesson #1: Staging system is not optional. And for training, at least a sandbox area!)

  • AppFusions will lead with a basic intro, and lists - lots of lists, while asking you "What on the lists do you want to know more about?" before meeting for training.

  • That it is also our obligation to insist that you or your users/admins work with the systems at least 2-3 weeks before meeting for training.

  • Users/admins ("trainees") must capture a list of all problems and questions during that trial period, and provide this information back to AppFusions, before meeting for training.  The courses are tuned to your needs.

  • (2) to (5) or more (as you wish) hour-long "mentoring" sessions, specific to your ("trainees") day-to-day real-world experiences. To be truly useful, your specific needs being met are paramount, often learned through training "journey of multiple meetings", weekly, or bi-weekly.

  • You should be ready to record a video of any online delivery that we provide - structured or unstructured, so your colleagues can view it later. We encourage this, no extra charge.

  • If the training is in person (optional), you should be prepared to take many notes - or we can do so for you.

  • You should be hands-on actively during the training. If you ask a question, we will demo it, but then we will insist that you do it, and not be afraid of fumbling.

    If you fumble, don't worry! Like the picture to the right, we'd again give you a hand-step up, to success, only. 

 (thumbs down)   (thumbs down)   (thumbs down)  We do not think it means...  (thumbs down)   (thumbs down)   (thumbs down)

  • Repeating the Atlassian documentation set in a structured remote training setting or PPTs (EXCEPT if there was specific area(s) requested by you for in-depth review, using a copy of your real data).

  • Talking about things you do not use, or you do not care about simply because it is part of a fixed program on a system using data that looks nothing like your data.

  • Signing up for a class to find out it is way too junior, or way too advanced, but since you paid for it - you are stuck and can't tune it to your needs.

  • That we should charge more for training than we do for our normal consulting. Why would we?

    Why are we seeing Atlassian Software training costs on the Internet for $250- $1000 per hour? Why is training more valuable than normal, even more technical, consulting? 

That is AppFusions' training. Very supportive. Very custom. Very progressive as YOU need it - not merely what WE think you need alone.

We're in this together, folks!

AppFusions can provide training on any topic or technology found on our website

  AppFusions ... Bringing it together.

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