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Expert Agile Coaching

We’re pleased to announce our new agile coaching service offerings designed to help you succeed with agile development processes using Atlassian tools!

We've brought together an elite, experienced team of agile service professionals to help you succeed in being Agile with the Atlassian toolset.

Our offerings are in two groups:

Agile Workshops

Focused 1/2 to 2 day workshops on a selected theme, or combination of themes ("a-la-carte") specific to your organizational needs. Read more...

Agile Packaged Offerings

Custom engagements based on to your specific development environment, to assess your current processes, and realign and accelerate them with agile practices using Atlassian tools. Typically 2 - 4 weeks, depending on needs. Read more...

Experience Matters

Experience is critical.

  • Experience recognizes that each situation is unique and a cookie-cutter approach doesn’t work.

  • Experience inspects, questions, and investigates to find the right answers, adapting as needed.

  • Experience recognizes that it’s not enough to focus on a single tool, a single process or role.

  • Experience cuts to the chase, fast - helping you to increase effectiveness and shorten time-to-value, on all levels of your processes.

    We help you to select and adopt the right practices from across leading Agile processes - AND - we enable you to use these skills with the right tools configured and integrated to meet the needs of your situation.

Our focus is on bringing it together for you, now!

  AppFusions ... Bringing it together.

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