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System Maintenance Best Practices

Avoiding Worst Practices

We've renamed this page - to be a but more pragmatic (less idealistic), and properly representing that,

"No, AppFusions does NOT have the highly sought-for "best practices" secret silver bullet list."

No one does, frankly.

However, what we do have is this:

  • Continually current knowledge of the systems, APIs, dev requirements, version gotchas, etc., forced by our own product development to endlessly tune our skills.

  • A vast amount of enterprise system and network field experience - it's our full-time day job!

  • Experience implementing some of the most involved customizations in the industry. (And sometimes fixing implementations done by others.)

  • Good amount of experience and respect for seeing too many worst practices at customer sites - things that you should not do in your systems or network!

  • Humbling past failures! Ok - surprise. We admit - we have failed a couple times - and now know very early how to avoid those pickles BEFORE we get there, or to help you before you get there!

These days, we do not come across many system issues that we cannot resolve - either via ourselves direct (usually) or through our deep and direct industry contacts to get answers, fast!

Really - the picture to the right says it all >> avoiding worst practices to ensure that you do not end up on a target dart board down the road! That is a bad place!

Pragmatic, realistic, open and honest mentoring custom to your environment

For AppFusions to publish a "best practices guide" would be highly irresponsible of us.

We know through many system and network field experiences that it is simply NOT THAT SIMPLE! Anyone that tells you that is, is not being straight.

There are so many variables in Enterprise system and network operations, all of which need to be taken into consideration and review to properly guide you down the right path for good journeys with your Enterprise Atlassian systems.

And, that part we can do, with guaranteed satisfaction!

  AppFusions ... Bringing it together.

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