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In this AppSpokes QuickConnect upgrade, the AppSpokes QuickConnect application is relocated to

The following steps are required for this upgrade. They need to be performed by an organization administrator.

Before you begin, we recommend you open IBM Connections Cloud and AppSpokes UEM ( on two browser tabs and log into both of them.

  1. Update Callback URL of QuickConnect internal application in IBM Connections Cloud:
    1. Go to IBM Connections Cloud tab.
    2. Go to the Administration console by clicking Admin -> Manage Organization
    3. Switch to AppSpokes UEM browser tab, find QuickConnect application under Installed tab, choose Configure. Copy the URL in OAuth 2 Callback URL field and you will need it in Step f below
    4. Select the Internal Apps option from left hand navigation panel.
    5. Find the internal app called "QuickConnect", click the dropdown menu and select Edit Properties
    6. Paste the OAuth2 Callback URL you copied from Step c into the Callback URL field here and click OK to save the change.


  2. Uninstall and Reinstall QuickConnect Application in AppSpokes UEM:
    1. Go to the new AppSpokes UEM tab.
    2. On Installed tab, find QuickConnect application
    3. Select the Uninstall option for QuickConnect to uninstall the application
    4. Switch to Available tab to find QuickConnect application
    5. Click the Install button for QuickConnect application. You will need to enter client id and secret from the internal application to complete the installation.
      Note: Click here for more information on how to install an application.
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