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This documentation assumes that JIRA in IBM Connections (Cloud or on Premise) integration has already been registered and enabled within your IBM Connections org and community. If you do not see a JIRA Search, JIRA List or JIRA Chart community app available, contact the Community owner and/or Organization admin that manages your instance. If they have questions, have them email please.




With JIRA in IBM Connections Cloud (or on premise) integration, users can perform JIRA search, list, quick view, create/update JIRA issues, interact with JIRA Agile board and more from within IBM Connections cloud (or on premise).

Reference Video

First Time User

To start using the JIRA community apps that your community owner has set up for your community, navigate to Community Overview page of your community.

If you are using JIRA community apps for the first time, you will need to explicitly grant access to the application. Check "Always grant JIRA access and do not show this message again" and Click "Grant Access and leave the site" button.

You only need to do this once.

Authorize with JIRA

You also need to click "Authorize with JIRA" button allow the app to access your JIRA account.

A new tab will open. Enter your JIRA account username and password, and click Log In.

Click Allow to confirm that you allow this app for access.

The tab will close and you will be redirected back to IBM Connections. You should see the content of your JIRA community apps on the Community Overview page.

JIRA Search

Select a JIRA project from the dropdown, enter a keyword to search for, and hit Enter or click the Search icon.

You will see the search results. You can toggle to JQL-based advanced search by clicking the Advanced link.

In Advanced Search mode, enter JQL query, hit Enter to search.

You can further type a filter string to narrow down the results or select columns to hide or show in the result.

Click the key of a specific JIRA issue to view details of this issue.

JIRA Chart

Your community admin can also configure a chart e.g. all medium priority issues by issue type, for you to view.

Mouse over each section of the chart to see detailed data.

Click View Issues link to open a dialog and view the issues behind this chart.


Your community admin can also set up a list of JIRA issues for you to view. Click the key of a specific JIRA issue to view details of this issue.

To create a new issue, click Create Issue button. See section below for more details on issue creation.

Create Issue

On Create Issue screen, first select a Project or an Issue Type you'd like to create an issue for.

Enter Summary, description, and other fields for the new issue. The available fields are defined in JIRA based on Project and Issue Type you selected.

The created Issue is displayed in the dialog. You can close the dialog or interact with the new JIRA issue, such as assigning, transitioning, commenting on the issue.

JIRA Agile Board

JIRA Agile Board is a full page community app available on the community navigation menu on the left. Select JIRA Agile Board menu.

You can view and interact with the JIRA Agile board directly inside IBM Connections. For instance, click on an issue on the board to reveal the detail panel of the issue on the right.

Or drag and drop a card to transition an issue.


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