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Zendesk Application Configuration Details

You start the configuration in Step 2 in Part II. Install and Configure an AppSpokes Application. Most applications require additional configuration located on the second tab of the configuration page of the Application in AppSpoke's Universal Extension Manager (UEM).

On the configuration page, first enter Zendesk URL. Then you will obtain Client ID and Client Secret from OAuth Client configuration in Zendesk as described in the section below.

Configure OAuth Client in Zendesk


Browse to your organization's Zendesk URL and log in. Click the cog-like setting icon on the left bottom, then select API menu, and then OAuth Clients tab.

Click Add a Client link.

Create a New Client

For the new OAuth Client, enter in the Redirect URLs field and note down the client id and secret.

Click Save to create the new OAuth client.

Copy and paste Client Id and Client Secret onto the Zendesk application configuration page in AppSpokes UEM.

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