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This documentation assumes that Dropbox in IBM Connections integration has already been registered and enabled within your IBM Connections org and community. If you do not see a Dropbox List community app available, contact the Community admin and/or Organization admin that manages your instance.



With Dropbox in IBM Connections Cloud integration, end-users can work with their Dropbox files and repositories all from inside IBM Connections. Includes native feel-and-act community apps.

Reference Video

First Time User

To start using the Dropbox community app that your community owner has set up for your community, navigate to Community Overview page of your community.

If you are using Dropbox app for the first time, you will need to explicitly grant access to the Dropbox app. Check "Always grant Dropbox access and do not show this message again" and Click "Grant Access and leave the site" button. You only need to do this once.

Authorize with Dropbox

You also need to click Authorize with Dropbox button allow the app to access your Dropbox account.

A new tab will open. Enter your Dropbox account username and password, and click Sign In.

After you grant access to Dropbox, the tab will close and you will be redirected back to IBM Connections. You should see your Dropbox files listed.

Navigate and access Dropbox files and folders

You can view your Dropbox files in List view and Tile view. To toggle between these two modes, use the first two icons on the top right corner of your app.

List View:


Tile View:

The MetaData icon allows you to view metadata of the selected file with file type specific icons

Preview files

Click on any pdf file, text file, image file, or MS Office file to preview the file within IBM Connections.

Download a file

Click the Download link underneath any file to download a local copy of the file.


File Upload

 You can upload a file to Dropbox by clicking the Upload icon (Hint: it looks like an up arrow). Then Browse to the file and click Open to select the file to upload


A confirmation message will show the file has been uploaded successfully.

An easier way to upload a file is to drag it from your computer and drop it to the Dropbox app. Similarly a confirmation message will be displayed after the upload.




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