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This documentation assumes that Google Drive in IBM Connections integration has already been registered and enabled within your IBM Connections org and community. If you do not see a Google Drive List community app available, contact the Community admin and/or Organization admin that manages your instance. If they have questions, have them email please.




With Google Drive in IBM Connections Cloud integration, end-users can work with their Google Drive files and repositories all from inside IBM Connections. Includes native feel-and-act community apps.

Reference Video

First Time User

To start using the Google Drive community app that your community owner has set up for your community, navigate to Overview page of your community.

If you are using Google Drive app for the first time, you will need to explicitly grant access to the Google Drive app. Check "Always grant Google Drive access and do not show this message again" and Click Grant Access and leave the site button.

You only need to do this once.

Authorize with Google Drive

You also need to authorize with Google Drive for Business to allow the app to access your Google Drive account. Click the link as directed.

A new tab will open. If you are already logged in, click Allow to confirm that you allow this app to access Google Drive. Otherwise you will be prompted to enter your Google Drive account username and password to sign in.

The tab will close and you will be redirected back to IBM Connections. You should see your Google Drive community apps populated with your Google Drive files on the Community Overview page.

Google Drive List

You can navigate and view your Google Drive folders and files.

Upload a file

In the File List app, navigate to the folder you'd like to upload files to. select the Upload menu, then Browse to the file and click Open to start the upload.

A confirmation message will show the file has been uploaded successfully.

An easier way to upload a file is to drag it from your computer and drop it on the target folder. It can be the current folder, or a sub-folder listed in the app. Similarly a confirmation message will be displayed after the upload.

Upload multiple files

You can also upload multiple files at once. Just select more than one files, before you perform the upload. You can use either drag and drop or the upload menu.

A confirmation message will show all file upload statuses. Note you can continue to use the app e.g. browse files, while the files are being uploaded.

Create a folder

You can create a new folder in the current folder. Click the ellipsis menu on the top right corner of the app to pull down the menu. Select New folder option.

Enter the name of the new folder, click the Create button and the folder will be created.

Move a file or a folder

Drag a file or folder and drop it to a folder that is listed in the app.

A confirmation message will appear to indicate the successful move.

You can also move a target file or folder to a destination folder on the breadcrumb by drag and drop.

Google Drive File Search

In this community app, type in a search string and click the Search button. Search results display in the app.

More Features of Google Drive Community Apps

Preview files

In both community apps, click on any pdf file, text file, image file, or MS Office file to preview the file within IBM Connections.

More file options

Click on the ellipsis menu next to a file in either community app to reveal more options to work with.

Edit a Google Drive file

If a file is a Google Docs, Sheet or Presentation file, you can edit the file by selecting the Edit menu. The file will open a new tab in Google Apps for you to edit.

Delete a file or a folder

Select the Delete option to delete a file or a folder. Confirm deletion by clicking the Delete button and the file or folder will be deleted.

Rename a file or a folder

Select the Rename option for a file or a folder. Enter the new file or folder name, click Rename and the file or folder will be renamed.

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