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Step 1. UEM Upgrade

In Version 3.4.16, AppSpokes Universal Extension Manager(UEM) has been relocated to (but don't go there yet).

The following steps are required for this upgrade. They need to be performed by an organization administrator.

  1. Log into IBM Connections Cloud.
  2. Go to the Administration console by clicking Admin -> Manage Organization
  3. Select the Internal Apps option from left hand navigation panel.
  4. Find the internal app called "AppSpokes UEM", click the dropdown menu and select Edit Properties
  5. Update the Callback URL field to the new URL and click OK to save the change. 

    Internal App Field


    Callback URL

When you are done with the above, go to UEM at and log in as you normally would.


Step 2. Application Upgrade

Upgrade instructions for all applications are provided below. You ONLY need to upgrade the applications you have already installed.


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