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Required Packages

  • AppSpokes UEM

Please refer to the Supported Platforms document for detailed version support.


We align with browser requirements of IBM Connections.

Operating System

AppSpokes UEM supports both Linux and Windows. However, Linux is the recommended OS.


AppSpokes UEM requires a Java Developers Kit (JDK) or Java Runtime Environment (JRE) platform to be installed. Both Oracle JDK and OpenJDK are supported.


Consult with AppFusions. 

Hard disk

Consult with AppFusions. 


Consult with AppFusions. 


AppSpokes UEM requires a relational database to store its data. Currently MongoDB is the only supported database server.

Other notes

Virus checking software are a common cause of performance problems. In particular, Symantec must be uninstalled from the server running AppSpokes UEM.

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