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Mixpanel Engagement Analytics for Atlassian Confluence® 

Supports Confluence 4.X - 6.X

Plug and play integration.

Downloads and Notes

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If additional questions on the brief release notes, please contact us and we can provide more detail from our change list records.

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Plugin Version

Confluence Version


Release Notes - 6.x9 Dec 2015
  • Support for Confluence 5.8.x
  • Improved error capture - 5.76 March 2015
  • Support for Confluence 5.7
  • Improved performance on tracking events - 5.5.x31 Aug 2014Updates for latest Confluence versions.
2.3.14.X - 5.4.x15 May 2013Advanced reporting - use AND not OR.
No longer supported - use latest releases. 2.2.04.X - 5.119 Apr 2013Updated to AppFusions licensing; Confluence 5.1.x support.
No longer supported - use latest releases. 2.1.24.X - 5.0.x28 Feb 2013
  • Confluence 5.0 support
  • Data collection improvements
  • Admin UI improvements
  • Filter out attachment view events for images: gif, jpg & png
No longer supported - use latest releases. - 5.0.36 Mar 2013

Java 7 & config UI.

  • AF060-52 Support Confluence 4.3.7+ only
  • AF060-51 Update Mixpanel screenshot for step 2 in admin UI
  • AF060-50 Merge steps 2 & 3 in the admin UI
  • AF060-49 XStream update for Java 7
No longer supported - use latest releases. - 5.0.328 Feb 2013

Confluence 5 UI refresh.

  • AF060-40 Collect/Filter reports by "department"
  • AF060-41 Collect/Filter results by LDAP/Confluence group
  • AF060-43 Timeseries charting doesn't render until browser resize in Confluence 5
  • AF060-44 Horizontal scrolling of tables broken in Confluence 5
  • AF060-45 Javascript error in Confluence 5 - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'aoColumns' of null
  • AF060-46 Convert Space specific reports to new Confluence 5 AUI layout
  • AF060-47 Convert user specific reports to new Confluence 5 AUI layout
No longer supported - use latest releases. - 4.3.727 Sep 2012

Custom date ranges & charting.

  • AF060-32 User can select custom date ranges for all reports
  • AF060-34 Add charting to space specific reports
  • AF060-33 Add charting to Individual user reports
  • AF060-35 Columns should sort DESC on 1st click, ASC on 2nd click
  • AF060-30 User/Space reports should be sorted by the 2nd column DESC
  • AF060-13 User can see how engagement changes over time
No longer supported - use latest releases. - 4.3.720 Aug 2012

Rebrand from "Confluence User Engagement Plugin" to "Mixpanel Engagement Analytics for Confluence".

  • AF060-29 Rebrand from "Confluence User Engagement Plugin" to "Mixpanel Engagement Analytics for Confluence"
  • AF060-27 Refactored error message i18n
  • AF060-26 Bump upm.license.compatibility.version to 2.2.4
  • AF060-25 Improve link thru' from site-wide spaces report to space engagement report
  • AF060-24 Update Mixpanel website screenshots on the admin / config screen to new design
  • AF060-23 Better error capture on configuration screen
  • AF060-22 Better error capture in Confluence conditions
No longer supported - use latest releases. 1.1.54.X12 Jul 2013Minor bugfix release.
No longer supported. Please upgrade. - 4.2.1210 Jul 2012

Add visibility settings - based on Confluence groups.

Group Reports Feature Enhancements

  • AF060-19:  Define a default group for reports to be available
  • AF060-18:  Refactor the admin/config screen to be more of a step by step process with the group config included
  • AF060-16:  Visibility of reporting can be changed based on membership of one or more of Confluence groups
No longer supported - use latest releases. - 4.2.1
17 May 2012

Marketplace Release.

Updated licensing for the Fancy New Atlassian Marketplace, and release.

No longer supported - use latest releases. 1,0,23.5 - 4.0.51 May 2012

Initial release.

Features include: 

  • "Today's Activity" macro to show what's currently happening on Confluence, showing the top users and their activity
  • User Engagement menu item under the Browse menu
  • History menu item under the <User Name menu> links to a History tab showing current user's activity for the current week
  • Usernames are clickable and link to the user's history

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