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What does it do?

Embed a scrolling news ticker banner across your Confluence page or space with breaking news or announcements.

In-the-Flesh Demo

Unknown macro: {news-ticker}
  • [Google Docs Connector for Confluence]
  • [Google Docs Connector for JIRA]
  • [Google Search Appliance (GSA) Connector for Confluence]
  • [Enterprise Directory for Confluence]
  • [Confluence to Alfresco Connector]
  • [Alfresco to Crowd Connector]
  • [ZenDesk SSO Connector for JIRA]
  • [SharpView PDFviewer for Confluence]
  • [User Macro Importer - Exporter Plugin for Confluence]
  • News Ticker Plugin for Confluence
  • [AZLIST:AZList Plugin for Confluence]
  • [Votazz Agile Ideation for JIRA]

Using It

  1. Download, click here.
  2. In your wiki markup, use the {newsticker} macro with an itemsVisible parameter to identify the number of links to show. On the next lines, indicate the page links to display. Be sure to close your list with {newsticker} also.

For example:


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