Doxygen in Atlassian JIRA® Integration

Supports JIRA 5.4 - 6.x


Installing the Add-on

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the AppFusions add-on.
  2. Go to your JIRA admin panel
  3. Click on Manage add-ons in left-most menu.
  4. In upper-right, click on Upload Add-on
  5. In the Upload Plugin dialog, select the downloaded add-on file to be uploaded to JIRA.
  6. Click on License Details under Doxygen in the left-side panel.
  7. Copy in your AppFusions provided license - no white spaces, then click UpdateRequest license.


Importing Doxygen Archive into JIRA

Follow these steps: 

  1. Create a Doxygen archive for the documentation you wish to have available inside JIRA.
  2. Click on the Doxygen button in the upper section of your JIRA console.
  3. Select the Doxygen archive to be imported. 
  4. That's it. Using the Doxygen panel, you can navigate and search the project's Doxygen archive. 
  5. By restricting the project, only members of the project will be able to view the documentation.



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