JIRA 4 Essentials Book - Gets Yours! by AppFusions' Patrick Li


Updated the page May 25, 2011, since book is now avail in REAL, not just raw format. It can be purchased via:

THANKS - check it out, and do let us know what you think at info@appfusions.com or on twitter at @appfusions.

AppFusions is pleased to announce the release of JIRA 4 Essentials by AppFusions co-founder, Patrick Li.

Available NOW as a PDF ebook, or in print in May (or both). More ...

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About the Book

This book is a great book for every JIRA system administrator - beginner or advanced, to have as a handy local reference next to your system. Answers, quick answers, at your finger-tips! More ...

Packed with real-life example and step-by-step instructions, this book will help you become a JIRA expert.

What you will learn from this book:

  • Determine and choose the best options to set up JIRA to suit your requirements and constraints
  • Understand key concepts to use JIRA more effectively
  • Adapt JIRA to your organization and make it part of your everyday business process
  • Customize JIRA's data capture and presentation layout to provide a better user experience
  • Secure JIRA to protect your data
  • Add value to your data through powerful data query and information retrieval
  • Capture data and display it to users by using different types of fields in JIRA
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About the Author

Patrick Li is a highly experienced and established JIRA developer, among many other development skills. He is well-known in Atlassian Forums, with a top position in the leader boards on most Atlassian subjects.

Internal to AppFusions, he's highly respected not only for his technical expertise, but also his logical pragmatic guidance on just about any technical challenge we encounter.

We joke that if JIRA could ride a bike, Patrick can make it do so. We've yet to trip on any JIRA requirement that can break Patrick's back. Thus, of course he's a key member of the team, let alone co-founder to AppFusions.

Awesome job Patrick - we're mighty proud of you - again!

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While JIRA is certainly a strength, lately Patrick's been in full-speed development mode with another senior developer on our team: Colin Goudie. Their project: our imminent Confluence to Alfresco Integration product.

This CMIS-based connector brings the world of structured ECM/DMS documents (PDFs, Docs, XLS, etc.) and unstructured Wiki content under one hub, finally! This solution solves the problem of rogue attachments in the wiki with a logical DMS fileshare home, as well as enabling normally out-of sight DMS documents to be easily accessible and also embedded in wiki pages (among other features).

In essence – a single collaboration environment with both structured and unstructured data properly managed.

We think the power of this connector in the industry is enormous, and can't wait to share it with the world!

Early Adopter trial deployments are expected to start with 6 large corporations the week of April 4, 2011. Contact us if you'd like to join..., or please check back again.

Buy a $50 Connector for Japan Children (Give some St Pat's Luck!)




The time has passed and the sale is now over! THANK YOU to our new customers who took advantage of this opportunity and also helped the cause! Rockin'!

Last week, an awful Tsunami/Earthquake hit/shook Japan. As the news continues to flood out about the catastrophe, and the aftermath unravels with horrifying early stories - and many more to come - it is a time to come together and cherish our blessings more than ever! It is a time to help.

Today in Japan (and Asia Pacific), and Tomorrow in US/Europe, is St. Patrick's day - a day typically rejoiced and celebrated by green-wearing-for-the-day-Irish-people everywhere - whether you are Irish or not.

In general it's a day about luck - and good blessings - and ALWAYS, everyone is invited to the party! That is what's so awesome about St. Patrick's Day!

It's a day to wish well on others - and celebrate those good tidings in grand spirit and typically many many laughs too! The Irish are a jovial bunch!

However... the irony

The irony of St. Patrick's day and the simultaneous horrifying situation in Japan with the Tsunami and Earthquake aftermath cannot escape me.

I woke up this morning, read the news, looked at pictures - and despite a very busy day of fast projects and back to back calls - I can't get everything that's happening in Japan out of my head.

The devastation is AWFUL! And only just begun!

As someone with strong Wish Good Luck Irish heritage and values, I can't help to think that today is not feeling very lucky for so many.

But AppFusions can try to help ...

So here's our idea and hoping you will join us in this campaign ...

For the next 5 days for $50 each - ALL AppFusions products are on sale - any size system - until MARCH 20, 11:59pm PDT (That's California time).

Here's the catch -

ALL of the money will go to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund.


So please - a sincere plea - please help us help others and get on board.

How you can help

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Decide to buy a great connector or product(s) that you want anyways, NOW.


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  1. Review the AppFusions products.
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  4. Send info@appfusions.com a copy of your receipt(s).
  5. Let us know if we can include your name in a scrolling Contributors list - if you wish to be acknowledged.
  6. We'll issue you an annual license to the products of your choice via email.
  7. Tell a friend, or three.
The Fine Print
  • Each product is $50 - so if you want two - that's $100
  • If you need support, basic get-you-installed support will be provided (AFTER you try on your own with the documentation).
  • Functional extensions to the connectors are not part of "support" - yet can indeed be provided under a requested SLA. The functions are what they are and pretty darn good imho, and besides, you are entitled to updates throughout the year as we continue to evolve the products.
  • Basic support requests should go to info@appfusions.com or our Zendesk.
  • Even though you can buy any-size product in this offer, you do need to specify your Atlassian product SEN # and license-size upon request - so we can align the licensing of our product (since they are hooked).
  • The prices of the products WILL return to their normal prices on MARCH 20, 11:59pm PDT ! Positively! Our products cost many $1000s to create, so of course we can not always sell at this price - this is a special case only, to help.
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  • Other questions - likely there's tons that we haven't thought of - send email - but need to get this going ALREADY! Clock is ticking.

Don't touch that dial - See step "How Can You Help".

Japan, Stay Strong!

Our thoughts and prayers goes out to our brothers and sisters in Japan. Stay strong, you will survive this.

(attrib. of above Tsunami photo and quote)


If you have never been in an earthquake or tsunami - then thank St. Patrick and help people at this very critical time of need. Never take good fortune for granted.

Let me start it off... here's my receipt.

W00t! Honored by the ConfluenceGuru

Ok -

Do you know the @ConfluenceGuru?

The charlie-icon, the Atlassian-fan-magnet, the evangelistic mystery mascot, and positively the all-knowing Confluence how-to master..

He lives out in twitter-land, roaming the field, not just for cute chicks, but more seriously seeking to help troubled Confluence users, or plucking out obscure or exciting reference implementation examples (full Wikis, feature updates, or tips/tricks).

... and ALWAYS answering the innocent to expert questions as they arrive.

Well here ye - that there Charlie-icon just made our day with this tweet!

Here's the referenced Atlassian blog post to which our Google Docs Connector for Confluence got a nice stroke.... whooweee!

Thanks Guru!


As for the @ConfluenceGuru, if not following him yet, get with the program and do.

You'll surely learn a trick or three... and I've never seen him bite, so give him your best shot with your toughest question!

He eats them up, like yum!


As for who is behind that masked-man, donate here, write us an email ... and I'll expose the mystery man.. AND we'll send you a license to the connector to try it out!

Atlassian Suite Starter Kit - for clean water

So Oct 11-13, we had the privilege of attending the annual AtlasCamp, Atlassian's Annual Dev Conference in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Well, it'd be easy to really get off track on all that - much to say, but you can read about it here and lots more places on the net. Here's some cool picts! In short - KICKED ASS!

Before Camp...

BEFORE CAMP they had a great little "Herculean tasks" Camper team building Contest and our team came in 3rd place! Yay Bamboo Team!!

We won PRIZES:

  • a cool Atlassian beer coolie
  • bottle opener and a swift pat on the back

The last item - SW value $60.. real value, priceless!!

How about a set of Atlassian licenses for 50% off?

AppFusions already has lotsa systems - so we want someone else to use these, get engaged and stoked up about Atlassian SW, make some neat plugins, or track your life in your own Wiki and JIRA at least!

So if you are a Java developer, or Atlassian developer, technical writer or PM, or serious dabbler - or just keen to learn alot and get into it, then STOP WISHING now and GET INTO IT!)

And plan to attend NEXT YEARS AtlasCamp. But before...

  • Here's the SDK. Download it.
  • Here's the instructions. Read them, do them, and then install your new plugin of whatever flavor.
  • A good kickstart is to do the Atlassian dragons.
  • Get your 50% off licenses by paying $30 here for a great cause.
  • Send email to me saying you paid the $30 bucks.
  • I send you email with your 6-pack of licenses.
    • Confluence - Enterprise wiki
    • JIRA - issue tracker
    • FishEye - integrated code browser, etc.
    • GreenHopper- code review
    • Crowd - centralized user management and SSO
    • Bamboo - continuous intergation server

ONLY $30 for complete set of Atlassian SW (10 user licenses)
.. And the money goes to a great cause. H20. CLEAN H20.

EVERYONE should have clean water!

It's a basic. It's only right. What if you didn't have clean water? THINK ABOUT THAT!!

Please help out - its not a lot o money, and you'll feel better afterwards for it! Help out, share some water, and kick off your new Atlassian moonlighting dev practice.

When you have something to show, SHOW IT! (smile)

When you feel like you have something good to show - contact us, and maybe we'll hire you!

ALWAYS looking for killer developers of all stripes. The more stripes the better - since we're dealing in the big world. And trust me - customers also come in ALL stripes.

Exhilarating - get into it!


p.s. If ANYONE ELSE that went to AtlasCamp and won a STARTER LICENSE pack that will not be used? Please let me know! Let's get MORE water donations, and get some new devs into the swing of it!

OR... You can always donate to the water campaign anyways. Love to see that barometer go up some in the next 60 days! (smile)

AtlasCamp Day 1 - Kickoff & Great Lightning Talks

Yesterday was a great day at AtlasCamp, as over 100 Atlassian ecosystem developers and 20+ Atlassian-ites from all over the world descended on the beautiful town of Half Moon Bay in Northern California... some by car, many by Atlassian-hosted buses from San Francisco or SFO, and I think maybe a couple by bike (though that is just a rumor).

Whatever way, it's an awesome scene - with Mother Nature providing some incredible weather to bless the kickoff of 2 1/2 days of dedicated Atlassian-geek-time.

Monday sessions started PROMPTLY at 1:30 with Jonathan Nolan, Director of Developer Relations kicking things off as "MC" with a warm welcome to the packed room of attendees.

Directly following an excellent talk was shared by Ben Speakmon appropriately diving hard into the Atlassian Plugin SDK - the cornerstone of Atlassian development - both internally and external. Atlassian's strong functionality and growth in the market is largely due to their strong support, focus, and dedication of consistently improving their SDK plugin development environment.

If interested in getting involved in Atlassian plugin development, the best place to start is HERE! Pure and simple.

While Ben's talk was a great start, it got deep from that point forward (never to stop.. (smile) ) providing plugin developers with a vision of true product development and how easily possible, starting with an excellent example by Andreas Knecht.

Andreas is an Atlassian employee who has created this "side project" plugin: JIRA iPhone Web Interface. Check it out.

John Kodumal, also an Atlassian developer, then gave a talk on modularizing large plugins - and then, the Lightning talks!

Lightning talks at Atlassian conferences are short and sweet demos, tips and tricks sessions, or whatever else deemed relevant by the volunteer contributors from "the attendees".

While the organized Atlassian Sr. Developer talks are excellent nuts and bolts talks - not to be diminished AT ALL - the Lightning talks engage the audience and allow folks in the ecosystem to share real work experiences. It brings it home.

What the exact schedule of Lightning Talks will be in never known in advance - since by sign up on a white board a couple hours before, making them even more exciting for anticipation of whats to come.

While not a competition per se, of course each speaker presenting is trying to pack their best shot, fast - and share out to the audience. Collectively, the group of Lightning Talks is an exciting display of Atlassian-plugin-development-and-experiences at work - in the real world, and an even more excellent example of an ecosystem that is growing and juicing at an endlessly collaborative way. It's very cool.

Monday's lightning talks were:

  • Ajay Goel of AppFire - Embracing Reusability - a talk about creating reusable plugin code for efficient plugin development.
  • Chris Kohlhardt of Gliffy - Stuff Gliffy did to try and sell more software in 2010 - a great talk on marketing tips for commercial plugin developers. The presentation is located here.
  • Darryl Duke of Stepstone Technologies - Building A Custom Confluence Brand With Zen - demo of an excellent customizable Confluence look and feel frame work. Check it out - I was impressed with this!
  • Igor Sereda of AlmWorks - Structured JIRA Plugin - an introduction of AlmWorks's Structured JIRA plugin allowing JIRA users to hierarchically control JIRAs, and many other features. Also cool - see it here.
  • Janusz Gorycki of Spartez - inviting you to MeetingRoom group chat integrated with Confluence (and more)
  • Jonathan Doklovic of SysBliss - Auto-loading test data with AMPS
  • Roberto Dominguez of ComalaTech- Selenium Testing Tricks in plugin development

It was a great kickoff of talks and more today (Tuesday) and also Wednesday.

Dinner last night was awesome! Thanks @jessiec of Atlassian for being Event Coordinator extraordinare.


K - back to AtlasCamp. Don Brown just jumped up to the front of the room (Functional and Integration Testing for the Lazy...). Gotta listen. (wink)