JIRA in Jive App & AppFusions - Featured in New Jive Apps Market Announcement

Today Jive Software officially announced by press release – Jive Executives and Jive Apps Partners Explore Impact of 'Consumerprise' Era on Future of Business – their new Jive Apps Market included with their latest platform, "Jive five".

Included in their new Apps Market release is their highlighted new apps (cited below), of which AppFusions and our new JIRA in Jive application are "featured".

Thanks jive!

Ease of Use and Removing Excuses

JIRA in Jive is an application bringing together the needs of both the business user and development organizations with fast, quick and easy access from a single collaboration system.

  • Easy Lookups - The business user wants to have quick on-the-fly lookup capabilities in Atlassian JIRA, from jive. And they shouldn't need to be a developer to do so! Anyone should be able to do quick lookups in the data-rich JIRA systems!

  • Creating Tasks - Convenience couldn't be simpler, with easy access to log (create) tasks that come up in meetings. Again, quickly, on-the fly- removing all excuses. Just log them!

  • Share it! - And of course it only makes sense to share activity created in JIRA across the "What Matters" streams in jive. Activity in this way means progress and accountability, always. Much bettter than lost notes on paper notepads.

JIRA in jive v1.1 is about easy access, ease of use, easy interface, and most importantly - removing excuses on why "it" was not logged!

JIRA is a core system and business and development information data collector in most any business practicing accountable task management and agile product development.

JIRA needs to be at the finger-tips of all employees, all the time, to progress business accountability, ideas, product development, innovation, and strategic alliance in businesses.

JIRA in Jive brings these lofty alignment goals one step closer.


v2.0 feature development efforts are already underway, in plans for JiveWorld11. Please stay tuned!

Exploring the 'Consumerprise Era' more...

AppFusions is thrilled to be attending a gathering of jive-ers and fellow featured Jive Apps partners for an "exclusive thought-leadership gathering on Wednesday, July 27 in San Francisco. The participants will discuss the quickly evolving apps market landscape and explore strategies to enable enterprises to thrive in the 'Consumerprise' era."

Featured Jive Apps Partners Attending the Event
Jive has partnered with leading cloud applications and system integrators to bring rich functionality to all employees across the enterprise, whether they work in sales, marketing, support, engineering or HR. Featured partners include:

  • Box – Box, the leading cloud content management platform, makes it easy to share files with coworkers and external parties alike. Using the Box for Jive app, employees can manage and access all their business content online and from mobile devices, with simple, secure sharing capabilities from directly within Jive.
  • CrowdFactory – CrowdFactory is a pioneer of Social ROI, enabling companies to run and optimize social marketing campaigns that dramatically increase new customer acquisition, drive loyalty and engagement and amplify brand awareness.
  • HEDLOC - HEDLOC's mission is to close the widening consumer-enterprise gap and propel organizations into the enterprise evolution by leveraging the latest technology and cloud based services. HEDLOC's first Jive App is focused on improving project and task management within the enterprise.
  • JIRA in Jive – AppFusions' first Jive App helps software development teams save time and increase accountability with on-the-fly lookups and new issue creation to their projects in the industry leading JIRA bug and issue tracker.
  • Lingotek – Lingotek makes it easy to translate content into any language in a rapid, trusted, and cost-effective way. The company helps enterprises that need to engage their global communities translate 'at the speed of Jive.'
  • RoundPegg – RoundPegg brings science to the art of hiring. The company helps businesses start looking beyond the resume and identify the round pegs of who are best positioned for success within their company.
  • Rypple – Rypple is a social performance platform built for teams to share goals, recognize great work, and help each other improve. The RyppleThanks app encourages a culture of real-time feedback by allowing employees to give thanks badges to their colleagues right within Jive.
  • SalesCrunch – SalesCrunch is a Social Selling platform that takes selling from fuzzy art to repeatable process. The company’s first application, CrunchConnect, lets sales professionals start live pitches without software, email pitches via links and track who reads them, qualify customers in real-time, and close more deals faster.
  • Sharepoint List Viewer for Jive-- ThreeWill's Jive App enables companies to easily pull important information stored in SharePoint lists into Jive. Using this data, users can start meaningful discussions with others in the company's community.
  • Social Selling with Salesforce.com – With Appirio’s Social Selling app, a sales rep can update their Salesforce opportunities without leaving Jive. They can bring their colleagues who don’t live in Salesforce into the critical discussions around those sales opportunities.
  • Spigit – Spigit is the leading provider of collective idea management software, connecting employees, customers and business partners for innovation and insight discovery. Using enterprise-grade social technology, Spigit’s software taps into the collective intelligence of an organization and transforms it into actionable, predictive information.
  • SurveyGizmo-- SurveyGizmo makes customer analysis simple. The SurveyGizmo app enables companies to build surveys, evaluations, polls and quizzes, without tech help. Customers can create an online survey, poll or website form in minutes.
  • Tungle-- Tungle, now part of Research in Motion, enables companies to eliminate double-bookings, time zone mishaps and the back-and-forth of finding a time to meet. They can now easily schedule meetings, inside and outside their organization.
  • yaM Labs – yaM's (short for 'yet another Meeting') real-time collaborative app allows companies to effortlessly prepare, run and follow-up on meetings to get the most out of the interaction.

Confluence 4.0 is moving along... 2nd Public EAP

Hot on the heels of Atlassian's first public EAP milestone of Confluence 4.0 earlier this month, comes the 2nd public EAP build. This latest milestone delivers 5 awesome new features and improvements.

Lets take a close look at one particularly interesting new feature. A feature that many of you have asked for…

Paste Images into the Editor (Firefox and Chrome)

This is a very popular feature that was unveiled at Atlassian Summit 2011. Just copy any image to your clipboard and press CTRL+V in the Confluence 4.0 editor. The image will be attached and embedded directly into your page. There's nothing to install on your desktop...it just works!

Don't believe us? Watch the short video below and see this new feature in action.

More Features & Improvements

This is just one of the many new features in this release. Head on over to the Atlassian blog to learn more about the other new features in this release.

AppFusions at Atlassian Summit11

Its an exciting week for AppFusions, both in events and milestones.

The Team Arrived in San Francisco today!

Today, most of the team arrived in San Francisco for Atlassian Summit 2011. This includes: Patrick and Colin from Australia, David from the UK, Danielle from Washington DC, Laura from Pennsylvania, Keri from Texas - and well myself - I lucked out. I only have to drive up the road an hour!

Needless to say, the "reunion" in person is exciting for us, and can't wait to play out the next couple days of good Summit conversations and events to come.

As a very close team, really - many of us talk almost every day in our work efforts, but nothing can replace in the flesh in person meetings.

LaunchPad Presentation

Following is the slideware from our LaunchPad presentation at Summit. At the end there was a video about Alfresco to Confluence - which I have included below.

Atlassian Summit 2011 Opening Day - Join us for Irish cheers


Updated 6/3/2011: Stopped in for a beer w/an early-arrival Aussie (Guy Pearson of Interactive Accounting) .. and new news: They will have a Live Irish Band, and serve great Guinness soup too! (smile)

So here's the riddle

Just like opening day of baseball season -


What's opening day of Atlassian Summit without post-bar fun and cheers?



June 6, 2011 -
Summit Kickoff Welcome Reception
6pm - 8pm

Opening Day - Irish cheers
The Chieftain, 1 block from the hotel
8pm - 10pm

Hosted by AppFusions. SEE YOU THERE!

Download flyer

Soo - don't stew about it, just come


(bring your qualified answer to the riddle to the bar - we'll listen to all qualified answers - we'll also listen to why your answer is qualified, as well as what "qualified" means in the first place... and so on and so on and so on... so just COME!)

Get Stoked!

Rockin' Codegeist 2011 Entries Mania - yeehah

The AppFusions team has been on fire - and recently we released a whole bunch of our flames all at once on Atlassian's Codegeist 2011 contest, with 10 entries!

The short rules were any plugin or connector could be entered that was:

  • developed and released since AtlasCamp 2010 (Oct 11-13, 2010)
  • open source or commercially available

...and well since the AppFusions team has been raging hard for the past year, MANY of our efforts have been fruiting in that exact window!

Perfect - our response:

LIKE IT!           BINGO!           RIGHT ON!          Answer == YES!

Whatever lingo suits you!

And so off to the races we went - releasing some old, as well as some new - and couldn't be more excited about the timing as we all run up to Atlassian Summit 2011 - fast approaching on June 6 in the beautiful Intercontinental hotel in more beautiful sunny San Francisco, CALIFORN-I-A! 

As Gold Sponsors of the event, for us... quite frankly - IT MATTERS, a lot (but maybe it matters regardless too ... i think so - anyways...)..

It's a great humble, yet proud show-n-tell cap to a very hard working year for the team!


In sum, We're charged up, all fronts! AppFusions' fire is red hot right now!!

Here's our Codegeist Entries - PLEASE VOTE FOR OUR ENTRIES, before May 29!

You may vote for one entry, or all 10+ (smile) ...

  1. "Speak My Language" Translator for Confluence
  2. Votazz Agile Ideation for JIRA
  3. Confluence to Alfresco CMIS Integration
  4. Enterprise Directory and Org Chart
  5. SharpView 2.0 in Confluence - High Resolution PDFs
  6. Webtrends Analytics for Confluence
  7. Support Details for Confluence
  8. Confluence Space List Filter
  9. MindMapIt for Confluence
  10. Google Docs for JIRA

... And the "'Coming Soon' Group"

As exciting as all that is above - following are a few other great prods up our sleeves, in active development...

  • Jive to JIRA integration - LIVE demo at Summit
  • UserVoice to JIRA integration - LIVE demo at Summit
  • AppFusions Enterprise 2.0 Federated Search "solution" - LIVE demo at Summit
  • Badgeville integrations with JIRA and/or Confluence - LIVE demo at Summit
  • Extentech to Confluence integration - post Summit
  • Spigit integrations with JIRA - post Summit

Please, stay tuned to "our channel" - as we head to the Summit!

So ... Bring. It. On. Mates!

That is, the good E2.0 "bringing it together" fun, and hell - SUMMER TOO!!

Wooooooowweeeee!!! Goodnesses all around the table!

The AppFusions team is excited to see and meet up with all those who will be at Atlassian Summit in June! Stoke it!

(and Enterprise 2.0 Conference - in late June!)