(Press Release) AppFusions Rolls Out Eight Integrations to Support Atlassian's Most Significant Release to Date - JIRA 5

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 28, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AppFusions is pleased to announce the release of eight integrations supporting Atlassian Software's most significant release: Atlassian JIRA 5.

  • Box in JIRA
  • JIRA in Jive
  • JIRA Connector for IBM Sametime
  • Google Docs in JIRA 
  • UserVoice Feedback and Helpdesk for JIRA
  • JIRA+ Enterprise Activity in IBM Connections
  • SpeakMyLanguage Translation On Demand for JIRA
  • SSO Authenticator for Active Directory and JIRA

All offerings are available via Atlassian Plugin Exchange, AppFusions' website, and cross-vendor catalogs.

"AppFusions continues to push the envelope as an Atlassian expert in system integrations," said Ken Olofsen, Atlassian's group product marketing manager for JIRA. "They leverage JIRA 5's advanced API to enable users to gain access to information across varied software systems and applications that ultimately contributes to higher engagement and accountability."

About JIRA 5

Atlassian JIRA is project tracking software for teams building great software. Sitting at the center of your development team or support center, teams track cases, bugs and defects, link issues to related source code, plan agile development, monitor activity, report on project status, and more.

The JIRA 5 brings together people, teams and other applications through many social business and integration-significant new features. At a high-level, JIRA 5 includes: 

  • "share" issue or search forwarding features
  • embedded "@mention"-support to engage other team members
  • enhanced APIs for remote system creates, updates, links
  • mixed-system activity-stream integration support, and more

JIRA is deployed in 11,300 companies in 110 countries. See Atlassian JIRA customers here

About AppFusions' Releases

AppFusions took top advantage of the expansive JIRA 5 improvements during Q3/Q4 2011 to ensure timely releases of their integrations, new and updated. 

Box in JIRA -- new!

"Attach" (link), preview, edit, download, and navigate Box files directly from JIRA. Video | More...

JIRA in Jive -- updated!

Search, view, create, update JIRA issues directly from Jive, among other (e.g., activity streams, Jive discussion integration, etc.). Video | More...

JIRA Connector for IBM Sametime -- new!

Engage in IBM Sametime messaging in context with JIRA issues, where it matters. Video | More...

Google Docs in JIRA  -- updated!

"Attach" (link), preview, edit, download, and navigate Google Docs directly from JIRA. Video | More ...

UserVoice Feedback and Helpdesk for JIRA 5 -- new!

Bi-directional feedback and helpdesk ticket processing between UserVoice and JIRA. Video More...

JIRA+ Enterprise Activity in IBM Connections -- new!

Live-link activity streams in IBM Connections from JIRA and all systems integrated with JIRA. Video | More...

SpeakMyLanguage Translation On Demand for JIRA -- updated!

On-the-fly translations of JIRA issues, supporting 31 languages. More...

SSO Authenticator for Active Directory and JIRA -- updated!

Windows SSO authentication between Active Directory and JIRA (or other applications), using Kerberos protocol.  More...

Note: Most of these products have sister versions for Confluence 4.X, Atlassian's latest Wiki release (Oct. 2011). The product is enjoying much acceptance with a re-designed rich text editor that increases adoption cycles while reducing learning curves.

What's next?

Atlassian Summit is May 30, 2012 in San Francisco. AppFusions will be a key sponsor, presenting these and other applications in their portfolio, and under development. Early-bird tickets to the event are here!

About Atlassian

Atlassian products help innovators everywhere plan, build and launch great software. More than 17,000 large and small organizations – including Citigroup, eBay, Netflix and Nike – use Atlassian's issue tracking, collaboration and software-development products to work smarter and deliver quality results, faster. Learn more at http://atlassian.com

About AppFusions 

AppFusions is a social, business, and engineering systems integrations firm offering multi-technology application solutions, enabling enterprises to harness together workflows and key data systems with improved efficiencies. AppFusions has created many unique solutions, such as these mentioned herein, and more.

AppFusions' Atlassian technologies' expertise is some of the most technically capable in the industry. Their portfolio of products and active engagement in the community exemplifies this high level of expertise. AppFusions' customers overlap with their technology partners' customers – from SMB to Fortune 100s, worldwide. AppFusions works in U.S., Australia, and Europe. Learn more at http://appfusions.com.

Companies and products mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners.CONTACT: Media & Business Inquiries:
Ellen Feaheny
CEO, co-founder

AppFusions Receives IBM Technical Validation of IBM Integrations

AppFusions has been a business partner with IBM officially for almost 7 months, and more actively 6 months. The first month we planned our working steps with each other, lining up plans to make it happen.

The Labyrinth Called IBM

One of the best things to receive in email -- or life -- is "You're approved!"

When it comes to working with IBM, that especially means alot in the early days as your traverse the labyrinth of IBM processes, not quite sure of what you got yourself into, or which way you are or are not going, or which part of the process is more special than the next.

I mean, you sorta know - but whatever you know is followed by reams that you do not know (you discover) - and the journey continues, seemingly endless. I do know that.

Overall, it's phenomenal to experience and pretty exciting, both what you know and don't know. And regardless, the IBMers have relentlessly guided us in great ways - and things are moving along pretty well it seems. 

In short - IBM is one amazing engine.

One Day The Maze Makes Sense

Happy to say that I think we are finally figuring out the maze a bit, with amazement and appreciation for what all the steps mean (that make no sense at the beginning - but later, start to, more).

Hmmm - life is like that too. So is entrepreneurship!

In time, I think I have grown an appreciation for how they work with partners and customers on the outside, the information that is shared is enormous (can't keep up), and pretty excited about our future efforts working together.

Seek first to understand then to be understood...

Today, we reached a first step of being understood by IBM, with an official technical validation email:

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the qualification process for the Ready for IBM Lotus software mark and are now eligible to take advantage of a wide range of attractive benefits.

The Ready for IBM Lotus software mark signifies to your customers that your product is production-ready and accepted by IBM as Ready for IBM Lotus software.

As a benefit, by receiving the Ready for IBM Lotus software mark, your solution will be displayed and marketed to customers in the IBM Lotus Business Solutions Catalog and the IBM Global Solutions Directory.

Technical Validation Sessions

We actually knew this before.

Last Friday, David Simpson had a special technical validation review gotomeeting session, where he underwent hands-on technical demos of the new integration applications, as well as their underpinnings.

Usually you are tested one at a time, but IBM development went through the validation process of all three in one go. 

You're Approved!

The following AppFusions solutions were approved/validated, and so now we have this great new badge associated with these solutions!  Thanks IBM!

Now they are REALLY available for customers - and that feels good!

Integration Solution




IBM Business Solutions

Atlassian Plugin


IBM Sametime in JIRA

Sametime 8.5.1



Posted here

Posted here

More Info

IBM Sametime in Confluence

Sametime 8.5.1


Confluence 4.X

Posted here

Posted here

More info

JIRA+ Enterprise
Activity in IBM Connections


IBM Connections 


Posted here 

Posted here

More info

Great job!

Great job David! Definitely, you get today's gold star!

The first of many validations to come though!

Wait till they see what's in the hopper ... only gets better!

(Press Release) AppFusions Integrates IBM Connections and IBM Sametime With Atlassian JIRA, Confluence - Bringing Together Key Value Enterprise Systems

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Lotusphere 2012 -- AppFusions is announcing integrations with Atlassian Software Systems and enterprise collaboration technologies from IBM, and the release of three new products.

About Atlassian JIRA+ Enterprise Activity in IBM Connections

Large companies often have multiple JIRA systems – being both a corporate-wide solution and team-level issue tracker. Many JIRA customers are also IBM Connections customers.  

With AppFusions' solution, cross-team JIRA+ activity streams are accessible within your IBM Connections deployment, continually.

Bringing real-time engineering activity from across the corporation to the front-line is powerful in itself. The "PLUS" part is including activity from integrated "other systems" (e.g., other Atlassian products, Box, Jive, UserVoice, Google Docs, etc.)

This YouTube video provides a glimpse, along with the forward potential (http://youtu.be/j7k0jn5ppTA).

"AppFusions continues to push the envelope as an Atlassian expert in system integrations," saidBryan Rollins, Atlassian's Group Product Manager of JIRA. "Their JIRA integrations incorporate our latest APIs focusing on connecting people, systems and activity. With their IBM integrations, they are exhibiting the continued potential of mixed system integrations, shared system collaborations, and large data trust visibility that, taken together, contributes to higher engagement and accountability by employees across the enterprise."

About Atlassian JIRA/Confluence integrations with IBM Sametime

"We use both IBM Sametime and Atlassian Confluence very actively. We're excited about this solution – seems only natural to collaborate in live discussions in the same place as our written discussions!" said Tom Digate, Director of eBusiness and Engineering Systems at Regal Beloit Corporation.

AppFusions' integrations with IBM Sametime and JIRA/Confluence provide users with work process efficiencies to collaborate more effectively. 

Conversations in the enterprise happen in multiple places. For example:

  • IBM Sametime -- a real-time UC messaging solution
  • Atlassian JIRA -- a prolifically deployed PM and engineering issue tracking system
  • Atlassian Confluence Wiki -- a popular collaboration platform 

These systems run independent of each other, yet content-rich discussions often find fever pitches in JIRA or Confluence, where project details are actively discovered, discussed, and shared – in writing. With AppFusions' solutions deployed, Atlassian JIRA or Confluence users can see if colleagues are "available" with in-app presence/profile indicators, then launch a conversation directly from within Confluence or JIRA.

If your Sametime subscription includes advanced features (group meetings or video conferencing), these features can also be launched. 

"Always-on presence indicators and instant live accessibility lends to many enterprise-wide minutes of saved efficiencies and eliminated workflow interruptions. AppFusions' integrations provide a valued advantage to capture thoughts and collaborate with real-time context," said Sherif Mansour, Atlassian's Confluence Product Manager.

Availability of AppFusions' IBM Integrations

AppFusions' Atlassian to IBM integrations are available via: 

AppFusions provides deployment support with the purchase of these integrations.

"We started with a goal of breaking down silos in the enterprise; these new solutions perfectly align to that, yet only the beginning!" said Ellen Feaheny, CEO of AppFusions. 

"Our hardest challenge these days is managing the endless continued solution ideas and energy coming out of AppFusions' engineering. We'll accept that challenge!"

AppFusions released and demo'd their solutions at Lotusphere 2012 (www.ibm.com/lotusphere), as well as many their other integration product solutions. (They have released 20+ Atlassian integrations / applications.)

More details on Lotusphere 2012, follow #LS12, #ibmsocialbiz, and #lotusphere hashtags on Twitter.

About Atlassian

Atlassian products help innovators everywhere plan, build and launch great software. More than 17,000 large and small organizations – including Citigroup, eBay, Netflix and Nike – use Atlassian's issue tracking, collaboration and software-development products to work smarter and deliver quality results on time.  Learn more at http://atlassian.com

About AppFusions 

AppFusions is a systems integrator and solutions provider offering multi-technology application development services to help enterprises harness together workflows and key data systems for improved efficiencies. AppFusions has created many unique solutions, including integrations with Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, and Crowd, Jive Software, Box, UserVoice, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Webtrends, Alfresco, and now IBM Connections and IBM Sametime.

AppFusions' Atlassian technologies' expertise is some of the most technically capable in the industry. Their portfolio of products and active engagement in the community exemplifies this high level of expertise. AppFusions' customers overlap with their integration vendor partners' customers – from SMB to large Fortune 100 corporations world-wide. AppFusions is a global organization, working in US, Australia, and Europe. Learn more at https://appfusions.com.

For Media & Business Inquiries:
Ellen Feaheny


Names  of  actual  companies  and  products  mentioned  herein  may  be trademarks  of  their  respective  owners.

End of Year Recap, while Reving up for IBM Lotusphere 2011 and "Hello 2012!"

Been a busy last few months for the AppFusions team - here's just a few recaps.

Then, next up - IBM Lotusphere 2011, in Orlando, Florida in less than 2 weeks. Prep is mostly done - just have to show up now! (smile)  W00t!


Go ahead - get a drink or glass of wine ... This is a long blog. Happens.
(Tip: Click on any image to go to the relevant event, product, or pony!)

Conference quick reviews over last months

Following - a bit on where we've been hanging our hat over the last few months.

Atlassian Summit 2011 (June 2011)

Atlassian Summit 2011 in June was a great great event, with the whole team in town for it, and so many great customer meets and greets. If you missed it, be sure to take time to catch the many useful videos that were posted.

Do try to make Atlassian Summit 2012 too:

May 30-June 1, 2012 at the Concourse Design Center in San Francisco

AtlasCamp 2011 (Sept. 2011)

Three short months later was met with the always special AtlasCamp 2011, an intimate event with the Atlassian development ecosphere and top Atlassian developers.

Videos were just released - Check them out - just like being there yourself.

Thank you Atlassian for a standout event once again!

JiveWorld11 (Oct. 2011)

In early Oct, we had the exciting opportunity to present and exhibit/demo at #JiveWorld11, in Las Vegas. Here's a nice thorough recap of the event by Alan Lepofsky.

It was a truly awesome event with every detail handled impeccably by Jive, and the customers also were incredible.

So many customers were also JIRA customers, so we liked that, along with much validation of AppFusions newly launched JIRA in Jive integration - bringing JIRA INTO Jive! If you haven't tried it, do let us know if interested.

We also demo'd Attensa in Jive too - so again, if interested - do contact us.

Here's the press release from that event.

Thank you Jive and customers for a fabulous event!

Continued Services and Product Development

Meanwhile and ongoing, the engine never slows down - and much customer and product development continued steadily.


In terms or professional services, our queues are busy - and we kicked off numerous Atlassian migration, system and network ops, and JIRA configs, mentoring, development projects. Demand for our services continues to grow, with bookings through February now.

No complaints for that - and thank you to our customers, most importantly and sincerely!

New Product Development

Product dev is moving fast, faster than this blog or even Facebook can keep up with. We try to keep up on twitter though.

Notable new product activity:

Atlassian SSO Authenticator Deployment Service

YES, you should be able to log into your Windows desktop system, and automatically be logged into Atlassian products!

Sounds simple - well, it is, if you have AppFusions' SSO authenticator deployed in your network.  Off to a great start - pushing on our 11th deployment now!

UserVoice Helpdesk and Feedback to JIRA

YES you should be able to auto-magically push your UserVoice feedback or helpdesk tickets to JIRA. Of course!

Ready for the JIRA 5.0 release coming out in Q1, we're excited on all levels for this one. UserVoice customers - contact us now to join the TRIALS program.  

SpeakMyLanguage Translation for Confluence and JIRA

YES, and please stop WISHING for your international company to speak the same language, and also stop wasting time!

With on-the-fly translations, in Confluence or JIRA, eliminate the language barriers (and excuses) between offices.

These products are gaining a steady track - ready to globalize your Confluence or JIRA NOW!

Box in Confluence

YES, it is only logical that your Box files are readily accessible in Confluence.

This new release (Confluence 3.5.X compatible) came out in October, to our delight. Confluence 4.X version will be out any day now!

Box in JIRA

And YES, of course those specifications or architecture drawings - related to JIRA issues, need linking, now!

This product is done/ready, and will be released with Atlassian's JIRA 5.0 release. If you want to TRIAL, contact us now, and we'll get you going.

And that's not all...

While existing clients and the many new products were alot already, most all of the rest of our products were also updated in recent months for current platforms.And all our JIRA integrations were updated to JIRA 5.0 compatibility ... can't wait for the JIRA 5.0 release!

Three crowd favorites:

Google Docs in Confluence and JIRA

If Box is not your flavor, and you instead use Google Docs, no worries -  we have you covered there too!

All your Google Docs at your fingertips in Confluence and JIRA, where you need them.

Updated for Confluence 4.X (avail now) and also ready for JIRA 5.0. Done!

Google Analytics for Confluence

This product received a warm post in Atlassian blogs recently, but in short the message was - Do you know how adoption is growing (or not) in your Wiki? Really?

If you do not have tracking statistics, just like with your Website, it's a guessing hunch game at best. With usage trends being tracked daily - sooooo much insight is gleaned. Period.

For the new year, do yourself a favor - and start tracking it - SO YOU KNOW. You'll never look back!

Updated for Confluence 4.X - avail now. Done!

SharpView High Resolution PDF Viewer for Confluence

Finally, we think you need to look good in 2012 - especially inside Confluence.

And what better way to look good than with super high resolution presentation quality PDFs! In fact, launch into full screen mode directly from Confluence - smooth move, with tons of polish. SharpView is about that - making you look good! It matters.

Updated for Confluence 4.X - avail now. Done!

And then there's Lotusphere 2011 (thumbs up)

Meanwhile, in addition to all of the above, a small fire has been growing with IBM integrations, with three new integrations to be launched at IBM Lotusphere 2011 in two weeks.

For additional details on Lotusphere 2012 and registration, visit: http://www.ibm.com/lotusphere. On Twitter, follow the #LS12, #ibmsocialbiz, #lotusphere hashtags.

And here's what were launching and why we are excited:

Atlassian connectors for IBM Sametime (for JIRA and Confluence)

YES, of course being able to launch an IM discussion directly from Confluence/JIRA makes sense, with context right there too! Also it makes sense to see if people are online while you are in the platform.

Our new connectors for Confluence and JIRA allow for that - as well as advanced unified communications, if your Sametime subscription supports that.

JIRA+ Enterprise Activity in IBM Connections

And finally, here's the new horn blower in town, pumping in Enterpise activity (including intelligent linking) from JIRA, and any other integrated app with JIRA.

So, for example if you have Confluence integrated with JIRA, or other Atlassian apps, or Box, or Google Docs, or UserVoice, or or or or... you name it - it all shows up in IBM Connections!


But here's the catch: you need to wait for JIRA 5.0 for these JIRA to IBM integrations. So run, do not walk, to upgrade as soon as Atlassian lets the JIRA5.0-cat outa the cage! I think it's soon - afterall, they already upgraded their very active public jira.atlassian.com instance to JIRA 5.0! (Love that!)

Atlassian's Shipping a FedEx Day.. Gulp

Today Atlassian had a great blog about shipping a "FedEx Day" (tm) to some lucky group on the earth.

What's that mean?

Well - that means - they are literally shipping a team of Atlassian best catalysts (4-5 of them) to your offices, if you win, to help you have an amazing Atlassian-style FedEx day experience, complete with pizza, beer, intense engineering and creativity, and I'm sure much other frivolity, as is normally the case with Atlassian folks.

Nice! Very cool contest! 

To enter, you had to turn in a story. Gulp - a story. Well since this was only announced this am - and due at 10pm TODAY, in FedEx style, cramming to get this out after a busy AppFusions day.

(DOH! Updated: Just realized deadline is DEC. 21, not NOV. 21! Ah well... ours is in..)


Not sure we exactly have the "Whoa-is-me!-we-need-an-Atlassian-shot-in-the-arm-and-silver-bullet" story ..

But we did write "a story" from our heart about what we think makes a great team, the type of team needed to make a great FedEx Day.

We wrote about what we think Atlassian FedEx is about, and why we are perfect candidates (of course) to "play the game!" with aligned spirits and motivations!

We wrote why we'd love an Atlassian FedEx jolt, along with certainly bringing alot of our own energies to make it an amazing experience all the way around too!

Opening question on the application

"Tell us why your organization needs a FedEx Day."

Our short answer:

What?! Why do we need a FedEx day?! What kind of question is that? Doesn’t EVERYONE need one?!

Well, YES, however not everyone would be successful in a FedEx day – this is certain, sadly.

And a FedEx Day unfortunately is not going to cure that problem in 24 hours. Nor is this blog.

But, can say this: If you are working somewhere that would not be a good FedEx Day candidate, BUT you wish it was - then, here's some advice: simply, acknowledge it, and brush up your resume!

THEN, GO FIND the right place to work, with creative innovation, development, respect, and a great team if that is what you want! Don't settle.

Okay... without further ado, following is the app we submitted! (smile)

Here's how we see it

Atlassian FedEx Day is a mere extension of an existing “Let’s kick ass and SHIP IT” attitude already pervasive amongst an aligned and motivated agile development team (we think).

How that attitude got there in first place?

Well at Atlassian, maybe a lot of it was groomed in, since indeed these kinds of attitudes are infectious, but also you can’t force people to drink the kool-aid. Folks either get it or not. And if they get it, they likely also innately have an open and creative personality, style, or drive, that is collectively very powerful.

We get it – and we think FedEx fits AppFusions' style well too – since we are building a team of similar mentality, styles, values. Not as a copy - but truly in respects. We like that! Things like:

  • A team that is highly supportive and driven innately, endlessly curious, and self-stoked daily.
  • A team that can’t stop the ride, or natural drug – whichever it is – and the more we do, the more we want to do – individually and together. 
  • A team that is endlessly determined, innovative and creative, a team that loves to play, tinker, and win too… even if it’s just winning amongst ourselves. 
  • A team that can be open together, share iteratively without shame or scare or arrogance, and also compete together, and together get stronger and stronger. 
  • A team that really GETS agile development – truly. That it is more of an attitude than just process. 
  • A team that is technically very smart, well-versed, researched, and resourceful.
  • A team that is also supremely irritated by arrogance – internally or externally, but also impressed and intrigued by great style and confidence in accomplishing great things (such as the flavor that seems to emanate from FedEx events from our perspective).

A team that is aligned. A team that can be light, and funny; a team that likes beer and pizza too.


With such infectious spirit already in the air, it seems FedEx Day simply ups the fun factor anty – with good beer (yay!) and “lovely” trophies of honor, symbolizing persistence, push, accomplishment, and excellence in what so many can barely think of, much less do in 24 hours!

No what ifs or why nots. No I wonders. No mental barriers. Only creative end visions and determination to completion.

In the end, 24-hours of pressure-on, just do it, do it intensely, do it with all your heart, do it well and with speed, help your bro’ and sis’, and simply – MAKE IT HAPPEN, every pore focused … and with that, expected success only for a bunch of very cool results.

Sounds great!

If you like this spirit – then we suggest that you select APPFUSIONS for FedEx19 … WE’RE ALL IN. We can bring that and a whole lot more to FedEx19.

If you want to merge our team with another group of FedEx junkies to make a bigger group – we’re also ALL IN for that too! =) The more the merrier!

Our Location Suggestion for FedEx19

Despite AppFusions innate enthusiasm, we exist on many different corners of the earth, being from US, UK, AU.

We’re like a team that is based “in the Internet” technically, within our farm of hosted Contegix servers, skype, gotomeeting, email, and our private offices!

While being able to make things happen so remotely is success alone – NOTHING replaces an in-person meeting, especially like:

FedEx19 in Barra de Navidad, Mexico*

This place is about as perfect as it gets – ESPECIALLY with some Atlassian flair.

And since everyone has to fly – including the poor Atlassians and Mr. Pink… well, might as well go to one of the most beautiful places on earth. (Yet not the biggest bank breaker!)

Final Vision

BARRA DE NAVIDAD, MEXICO: 24-killing-it-FedEx-hours making some amazing new things, and then enjoying good ol’ Mexican Riviera hospitality and beer, and margaritas, and nachos and fish tacos too, baby!!

Here’s the views:

* Just one of a zillion great corners – seed planted. =)