Enterprise Directory & Org Chart for Atlassian Confluence

Supports Confluence 5.X - 6.X

Plug and play integration with your AD/LDAP.



This plugin leverages Confluence Wiki's latest directory configuration capabilities.

We presume:

  • You are using Confluence 5.0.0 or above.
  • Usernames in Confluence == usernames in your LDAP/AD (or you are using Atlassian Crowd)
  • You have LDAP/AD configured as a user directory with Confluence already.

If not, follow the steps shown on Atlassian's website here: Configuring User Directories.

Configure Enterprise Directory

By default, the Enterprise Directory and Org Chart is configured to access Directory "AppFusions Sample LDAP" which is a hosted LDAP to allow you to test and play with the functionality quickly, and also not impacting your own server LDAP configurations. You can search, embed macros (lookup and org-chart and test basics.

Configure the Enabled group parameter to the group which will have access to Enterprise Directory and Org Chart.

What fields are pulled from Active Directory?

From Active Directory, the plugin maps the following fields by default:

  1. sn - Last Name
  2. givenName - First Name
  3. departmentNumber - Department Number
  4. ou - Department
  5. l - Location
  6. mail - email
  7. telephoneNumber - Office Phone
  8. homePhone - Alternate Phone

You can extend this data layout/mapping by adding or removing LDAP attributes, changing the order in which they are shown on the Enterprise Directory table, or by changing the title of the corresponding columns.



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Using the macros

Access the Enterprise Directory directly from the menu: Browse > Enterprise Directory.

There are two macros included with the Enterprise Directory, and can be access via Confluence's Macro Directory:




Lookup Users

Place this macro in any wiki page where you want to invoke the look-up feature directly in this page (versus using the Browse > Enterprise Directory menu option

Org Chart

Place this macro in any page that you wish to display the org chart, hierarchically, based on the username specified. So, for example when using the AppFusions Sample LDAP, try:


Important - Note that with our sample LDAP, when you click-thru a name, you will get an error page. This is purposeful because these users are not on your local Confluence that you are running it on. LDAP usernames must == confluence usernames, if real deployment, logically.

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