AppFusions JustWorks™ Managed Hosting

Turnkey 24x7 Managed Hosting

When it comes to running your collaboration, workflow, development or other business support applications, the biggest challenge is keeping up with the endless platform vendor updates to the software. You want to be on the latest and greatest versions, but the niche expertise required for all your applications to maintain your servers in-house ("on-premise) is not nothing! And, to top it off, you are busy, and have far better things to do than to constantly troubleshoot your key systems!

Enter AppFusions' JustWorks' Managed Hosting, for all your application hosting and server support needs! 

You no longer have to worry about server installs, updates, patches, stability, niche administrative technical abilities, and upgrade support. Now you can have it all, quickly and conveniently; it just works. With JustWorks', the days of server instability or less than optimal maintenance and performance is a thing of the past!

JustWorks solves your problems and headaches, saving you time, money and effort every day!

The AppFusions and IBM Softlayer partnership offers our customers the ultimate level of enterprise-grade service, performance, security, and scalability. Through our joint collaboration, our customers get the best of class technical services and physical server support to ensure that your systems just run, well, always - so you can sleep at night! 


Full-service - No Hassles or Headaches - only Performance, Delivery, and Support

With Direct Managed Hosting, your Atlassian applications just run, consistently, reliably, and without fault. Simply.

All backend administration tasks like software upgrades, supporting technology updates, infrastructure resource upgrades, and backups – all these are just handled for you, so you can remain focused on your business.

Further, your infrastructure systems are is monitored 24/7/365. Needless to say, with this level of support, you get the peace of mind of a 100% infrastructure uptime guarantee.

24/7/365 Support

Full-service customer support means our engineers will install and manage your complete application infrastructure, and respond to any issue typically in less than five minutes.

Proactive & Pre-emptive Monitoring

We monitor usage patterns and benchmark performance, so we can fix problems before they impact your applications.

Premium Hardware - 30-minute Hardware Repacement

Our modern data centers are powered by premium hardware personalized for your solution that we manage and features full redundancy for all critical systems. From servers and switches to SANs, replacement equipment is available immediately at all times.

No Upfront Investment

100% of your infrastructure and hardware needs in our secure facility, so you can avoid costly startup or staffing fees.

Significant Cost Savings

We provide your entire infrastructure and hardware needs in a modern secure facility, so you can avoid costly startup fees.

Managed Applications Administration Expertise

Using the expertise of Atlassian-skilled engineers, you’ll get the most out of your software without having to learn how to maintain it.

100% Uptime Guarantee

Our constant diligence to security, monitoring and redundancy means we can confidently deliver round the clock uptime for your critical infrastructure services. It’s part of our commitment to delivering Power, Ping and Pipe 100% of the time.

Backups and Disaster Recovery Services

The peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is safe is priceless. That’s why we typically recommend in our initial quote that our clients use backup and disaster recover services. We’ll work together to build a customized plan that fits your budget and specific safety requirements.

Additional Services

• Disaster Recovery Services with Tape Offsite
• Data Replication Across Data Centers
• Backup Services
• Firewall and VPN Services
• Load Balancing Services


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