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AppFusions' JIRA+ Enterprise Activity in IBM Connections brings the heart of engineering and product management activities to the front, with continually updated streams in IBM Connections.

All Atlassian JIRA activity (including backlinks), as well as the activity of 3rd party integrated systems (e.g., other Atlassian product activity, Box, Jive, Google Docs, UserVoice, etc.) is brought to the forefront.

The bridge to this critical (and very popular) data hub called JIRA is made, enabling larger collaboration, improved awareness, and overall smoother operations with better transparency.


This integration was developed in close collaboration with IBM engineering, and is listed in their Global Solutions Catalog here.


How does it work?

The use case for AppFusions' Atlassian JIRA+ Enterprise Activity in IBM Connections application is simple, yet powerful.

Bringing real-time engineering and PM activity from across the corporation to the front-line - from one or multiple JIRA systems - is powerful in itself. The "PLUS" part is the inclusion of activity from integrated "other systems".

Here's the scenario:

  • JIRA is deployed in over 15K orgs world-wide. 
  • Many JIRA customers are also IBM Connections customers.
  • Large corps with many business units often have multiple JIRA systems inside their organization since JIRA is both a corporate-wide solution and team-level issue tracker.
  • IBM Connections is typically deployed corporate-wide. 

With AppFusions' solution, cross-team/business unit/functional organization JIRA+ activity streams are readily accessible within a single IBM Connections deployment, continually.

So, for example, if you have integrated other systems with your JIRA instance (e.g., other Atlassian products, Box, Jive, UserVoice, Google Docs, etc.), then activity from all these systems are aggregated to IBM Connections using AppFusions' solution.

(Note that AppFusions has released JIRA integration applications for all these other system flavors.)

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