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New Relic® for Atlassian Bitbucket Server® (formerly Stash)

Supports Stash 3.5 - Bitbucket 4.0


New Relic is a software analytics platform that remotely monitors application performance through your New Relic administration console.

This platform empowers developers, IT and operations administrators, and business leaders to transform their business using real-time data about their infrastructure systems. Through the data captured by New Relic, operators can make calibrated decisions about how to manage, troubleshoot, and tune their production web applications.

What does it do?

With this add-on, Stash server metrics are monitored by New Relic, and graphically displayed so you can track the health of your server. Tracked metrics include:


Pull request statistics 

  • # of open pull requests
  • # of merged pull requests
  • # of declined pull requests

Repository statistics

  • # of repositories managed by Stash
  • Total size (in bytes) of all repositories managed by Stash

Java internal metrics

  • # of available processors
  • Amount of memory used by Java
  • Amount of free memory available
  • Total amount of server memory


Plugin summary page, in New Relic console

Trend graph showing pull requests according to their statuses

Performance-impacting Statistics (number of repositories and their collective size)

New Relic dashboard -Java memory usage of Stash over periods (30 minutes - 3 months)
Hover over chart for more details.

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