SAML2 SSO Authenticator for Atlassian Servers

SAML2 Single sign-on authenticator for SAML2 Identity Providers (IdPs) including full support for Confluence, JIRA, Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash), Crowd, Bamboo, FishEye, Crucible, SVN


Installing the integration

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the AppFusions add-on from here.
  2. Go to your Confluence admin panel
  3. Click on "Manage Add-Ons" in left-most menu.
  4. In upper-right, click on "Upload add-on"
  5. In the Upload Add-on dialog, select the downloaded add-on file to be uploaded to Confluence.
  6. Click on "License Details" under "SAML SSO" in the AppFusions Add-Ons left panel.
  7. Copy in your AppFusions provided license - no white spaces. Request a licence



We will be using as the IDP in the following example setup.

Identity Provider (IDP) setup

The first step is to register Confluence as a service provider with the IDP.

  1. Retrieve IDP information and certificate (is certificate based verification is required for SAML response processing), by going to Setup -> Security Controls -> Identity Provider.
  2. Register Confluence as a Service Provider in Salesforce by going to Setup -> Create -> Apps.
  3. Click on the New button under Connected Apps section.
  4. Enter details to your Confluence instance and click Save.

Confluence setup

Once we have registered Confluence as a service provider with the IDP, we need to enter the details into Confluence.

  1. Browse to Confluence administration -> SAML SSO.
  2. Enter the service provider details into the SAML Configuration form.
  3. Select the binding type. Some IDPs support both, while other support only one, please consult with your IDP vendor.
  4. If your IDP also uses SSO cookie (e.g. Siteminder), enter the cookie name.
  5. Enable user provision if needed. Please consult with your IDP vendor on the parameter names for each of the user fields.
  6. Click Submit to save setting.