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Why DVCS, git, Atlassian Stash?

Need some useful resources to convince your management and/or teammates on the endless reasons to migrate to DVCS or more specifically, git and Atlassian Stash?

Well, we're here to help!

Rather than repeat the many organic and well-vetted winning debates and annecdotes out there, we'll just float them up – the reasons are both many many and compelling!

Hope you find the references on this page useful! Let us know if you have more to add!

Why DVCS - Distributed Version Control System


Brief Summary

Intro to Distributed Version Control

Blog. Simplified illustrated guide explanation of the differences, deltas, and benefits between CVS and DVCS. Includes the key concepts in 5 minutes! By

Centralized vs. Decentralized Version Control: 2010 vs 2012

Must read and most excellent review providing statistics on "the great git migration" in process, in the world of development. By Redmonk

Getting Started with DVCS

Guide. DVCS overview. By Atlassian

What is Version Control: Centralized vs. DVCS

Blog. Version contol comparison of centralized vs decentralized version control. By Atlassian

What is Version Control: Diffs and Patches

Blog. Review of Diffs and patches. By Atlassian

A Visual Guide to Verson Control

Blog. Primer on version control in general. By

git in to Enterprise DVCS

Video. Steve Streeting, founder of SourceTree, Atlassian's free git (and Mercurial) client for Mac describes the advantages of DVCS (vs CVS).

Zero to Hero: Getting started with DVCS - Atlassian Summit 2011

Video (9.09) Discussion on SVN shortcomings, and advantages and ease of a DVCS system/model in code development - be it DVCS hosted (i.e., BitBucket) or Enterprise DVCS on-premise (i.e., Stash).

CVCS vs DVCS, At-A-Glance

Quick flow illustrations/description of CVCS vs DVCS.

Atlassian Ships Major Updates to Distributed Version Control Products, Readies Enterprise for Massive Git Adoption

Press Release by Atlassian about DVCS, Git, Mercurial, BitBucket, SourceTree, and Stash. "Readies Enterprise for Massive Git Adoption..."

Why git - Fast Version Control


Brief Summary

Website: Official git organization Website

Founders organization of git.

Video: Famous Tech Talk: Linus Torvals on git

Linus Torvalds visits Google to share his thoughts on git, the source control management system he created two years ago.

Webpage: Why git

Opinion, by git org.

Webpage: git

Wikipedia references.

Webpage: Why git is Better than X

Great summary of pros of git, by Scott Chacon of gitHub.

Blog: Aha! Moments When Learning git

Blog. Great insights on why git is great! By

Blog: How I learned to stop worrying and love git

Excellent insights and entertaining too, by Zeh Fernando

Blog: Why I'm starting to like git.

Yet another evolved convert, to git. By @chinpen, the author compares his journey to git with Clearcase.

Blog: Moving Confluence Source from SVN to git

Case study blog about Atlassian's experience of moving to git.

Blog: Confluence, git, rename, merge oh my...

Post migration extended blog /tips about Atlassian's experience of moving to git.

Website: How to think like git

git Reference site. By

Cheatsheet: Awesome git cheatsheet

Awesome git cheatsheet. Printable.

Cheatsheet: Pass-around git cheatsheet for your team

Print this Cheatsheet and pass it around to your team to shorten the learning curve!

Cheatsheet: Here's another  - nice layout!

Yest another printable cheatsheet for your team. Or - here's an extended version.

Cheatsheet: Interactive online git cheatsheet

Online interactive git command cheatsheet to help you learn git fast!

Cheatsheet: 2-pager cheatsheet abt git and version control best practices

git cheatsheet by Tower git client.

Cheatsheets: git Cheatsheet Collection

Collection of git cheatsheets from around the web.

Blog: Why git


Blog: Why git vs. Mercurial

Good comparison blog post by Charles O'Farrell of Atlassian.

Forum: Stack Overflow Discussion

Very active forum discussion providing much opinion on all angles of git and other source code management tools.

Client: SourceTree DVCS Client

SourceTree FREE git Client for Mac, by Atlassian. Seamlessly integrates with JIRA, Crucible, and Stash.

SlideShow: Why git

Overview primer slideshow by @segfault

Books: Books on git, at Amazon

Collection of books on Amazon, about git.

Blog: Why git

Blog, by Takis Dilsen-Stokkem

Video: What's so good about git

Video, by Zoë Blade

Video: Hitler Uses git

Parody video, by @ronopolis

Video: How to use git - installation

Tutorial regarding installation. By @thejacenxpress

Video: How to use git - add, commit, push, pull, status

Tutorial regarding add, commit, push, pull, status. By @thejacenxpress

Video: How to use git - history (log, reflog, show, gitk, checkout, reset)

Tutorial regarding git history (log, reflog, show, gitk, checkout, reset). By @thejacenxpress

Video: How to use git - basic file flow, rm, add, commit, gitignore

Tutorial regarding basic file flow, rm, add, commit, gitignore. By @thejacenxpress

Video: How to use git - setting up a user account

Tutorial regarding setting up a new user account. By @thejacenxpress

Video: How to use git - merge conflicts

Tutorial regarding merge conflicts. By @thejacenxpress

Video: How to use git - more merge conflicts

Tutorial regarding more merge conflicts. By @thejacenxpress

Video: How to use git - branch, checkout, remote

Tutorial regarding branch, checkout, remote. By @thejacenxpress

Video: git in One Hour

Video, by O'Reilly Media. Overview of git.

Video: Please. Stop Using git.

Parody by Matthew McCullough.

Links: And everything else!

Extensive kitchen sink list of everything you ever wanted to know about git, and then some more too!

Why Atlassian Stash - Enterprise git

Stash is behind the firewall git management for your source. Create and manage repositories, set up fine-grained permissions, and collaborate on code – secure, fast and enterprise-grade.

As fast as git is, Stash's easy UI enables development to be even faster! Following are some useful resources on Stash.

Avoid the overhead of managing git for your team.

Use Stash's interface to add users and groups, create and manage repositories, and use Stash's Project Structure to logically group your repositories – all in a matter of seconds.