WordPress™ in IBM Connections®

Supports IBM Connections cloud and on-premise v5.5+

Packaged ready to deploy integration

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WordPress is global web-based software best known for its content management system.

IBM Connections is a leading enterprise social software platform that helps people engage with networks of expertise in the context of critical business processes.

WordPress in IBM Connections allows IBM Connections users to view and access WordPress blog posts and comments, and track analytics against WordPress blogs, directly from IBM Connections.


The following features are natively made available.

    • Natively authenticate, access and use WordPress, from IBM Connections cloud 
    • WordPress posts
      • View post details
      • Back-link to WordPress posts and authors
    • WordPress comments
      • View comments
      • Back-link to WordPress comments and authors

Supported, sustained, packaged integration with continued roadmap feature development. Your enablement key supports all updates throughout the year.


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