Yammer™ in Atlassian Confluence® Integration

Supports Confluence 5.X - 6.X

Plug and play installation.



Installing Yammer

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the Yammer add-on
  2. Go to your Confluence admin panel
  3. Click on "Manage Add-Ons" in left-most menu.
  4. In upper-right, click on "Upload add-on"
  5. In the Upload Add-on dialog, select the downloaded add-on file to be uploaded to Confluence.
  6. Click on "Yammer for Confluence" in the AppFusions Add-Ons left panel.
  7. Copy in your AppFusions provided license - no white spaces. Request a license.

See video and get excited

Getting Going

The easiest and quickest way to learn your new Yammer features is to do it - meaning, insert the macro in a blank page and try it out!

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a page.
  2. Put cursor in page.
  3. Access the Macro browser (Insert > Other Macros).
  4. Find "Yammer" (search for this term in search box).
  5. When macro window shows, it will prompt you for a few parameters to configure the Yammer feed in your page: 
  6. The Yammer Feed (yammer-feed) macro lets you embed a feed from Yammer into any Confluence page.

    Network(tick)The Yammer network, e.g. company.com. Feed will be restricted to the specified network.
    Feed ID(tick)ID of the Yammer feed to embed. You can get the Feed ID from the URL. See video.
    Feed Type(tick)

    The type feed:

    • Group
    • Topic
    • User
    Width(error)Width for the feed widget in pixels. For example, 600px, or 100%
    Height(error)Height for the feed widget in pixels. For example, 600px.
  7. Click Insert.
  8. Click Save
  9. Voila!