Yammer™ in Atlassian Confluence® Integration

Supports Confluence 5.X - 6.X

Plug and play installation.


AppFusions' solutions are typically solving challenges being felt in many corporations. However, at today's rates, platform extensions or custom application development is costly and prohibitive to many.

Most of our solutions would cost $10-50K+ in custom application development fees - and that assumes you can promptly find the right consultant or team to do it quickly.

By distributing our solutions, they are being made available to a greater audience, while also providing update support as the platform versions roll. Custom development costs are greatly mitigated or obliterated.

Our prices align with Atlassian server pricing tiers - for easy calculations, purchasing simplicity.

Annual license fees, including all feature/version updates for one year. All solutions can be renewed annually, for 50% of the list price (again, like Atlassian pricing models).


Licensing Fees

These fees include updates throughout the year and current Confluence version.


New License (Year 1)


Renewal (Year 2+)

Atlassian Server Tier Size






10 users

$10$10 $10$10

25 users

$60$30 $30$15

50 users

$120$60 $60$30

100 users

$200$100 $100$50

250 users

$320$160 $160$80

500 users - Enterprise

$500$250 $250$125

2000 users - Enterprise

$1000$500 $500$250

10000 users - Enterprise

$2000$1000 $1000$500

10000+ users - Enterprise

$3000$2000 $1500$1000

Upgrading to a Higher Server Tier?

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