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The blue ocean opportunities created through using AppFusions' AlohaCloud platform, designs, frameworks, strategies, and implementations are truly endless.


AlohaCloud brings opportunities of:

  • aligned communications and focus,

  • innovation at speed and scale,

  • integrated real-time data and content creation, collection, collaboration,

  • wide-yet-purposeful multi-portal distributions, 

  • streamlined process improvements,

  • uncovered bottleneck discovery, and more.

Overall, AlohaCloud provides compounding growth benefits — obvious and less obvious — that translates to new cost-savings and "value-up" growth at the bottom-line.

AlohaCloud is the place to come together to work, discover, discuss, and grow endlessly.

A "Blue Ocean Opportunity" Platform

Built for modern growth-minded enterprise demands and  requirements from the ground up.

  • Multi-tenant, multi-device, multi-persona - scalable, extensible, resilient, responsive microservices architecture 

  • Cloud-native - for public cloud or private cloud (master tenant delegation potential for larger hierarchy org structures)

  • Unlimited multi-dimensional - any use case purposeful spaces or communities, with unique focus and memberships, across internal and external and mixed-directory structures 

  • DIY drag-n-drop UX builder - layouts, elements, integrations

  • Modern content services - feeds, blogs, discussions, landing pages, artifacts, etc. with machine learning NLP tagging

  • Federated search - across integrated content and systems

  • Native "integration apps" - for deep, secure, and contextual immersive 3rd party systems, data, and apps

  • 3rd party integrated app security - encrypted tokenized SSO

  • Curated content feed aggregation - via paid or private subscriptions, or other disparate data 

  • Data and collaboration distribution - across purpose sites or communities, en masse (distributed data portals)

  • Branding and personalization - packaged and extensible templates, blueprints, layouts

  • Business intelligence visualizations - real-time or engagement data via embedded BI, 3rd party BI, and/or D3 editing

  • Built for extensibility - services-based framework, catalog, registration, SDK, API, expansion (ecosystem evolutions)

  • Access security - multi-directory authentication support

  • Federated directory and group, role management

  • Data security - US government-grade searchable enterprise digital ledger technology (for >300 transactions per second; zero-trust) 

  • CI/CD - Continuous integration and delivery

  • And more...

The Nexus Platform for "Virtuous Cycle" Networks

AppFusions’ solutions are the bridge nexus for enterprise IT operational business value and ROI, holistically and strategically.