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The blue ocean opportunities created through using AppFusions' AlohaCloud platform, designs, frameworks, strategies, and implementations are truly endless.

AlohaCloud brings together old (legacy) and new (SaaS) data, apps, process, and people.

This drives more data and insights, which drives collaboration, focused action and real improvements — which drives more data.


Repeat. Again and again.


The opportunity of tangible uncovered bottlenecks, streamlined process improvements, compounding benefits — obvious and less obvious — all translates to new cost-savings and "value-up" growth at the bottom-line.

A "Blue Ocean Opportunity" Platform

Built for large enterprise size, demands, requirements from the ground up, AlohaCloud starts with:

  • DIY drag-n-drop UX builder

  • unlimited experiences or workplaces

  • dozens of deep native integrations 

  • blueprints, templates (working building blocks)

  • curated and auto-tagged content streams

  • rich content editor & blogs

  • business intelligence (real-time or engagement)

  • content services (feeds, blogs, pages, etc.)

  • mixed-content federated search

  • holistic AI/machine learning

  • weather, IoT, ANY other disparate data, distributed

  • messaging, notifications, alerts

  • embedded app catalog, services registrations

  • SDK, APIs, built-for-extensibility

  • federated directory & group management

  • continuous integration/deployments

  • deploy anywhere (containerization)

  • any device, any browser, any OS

  • searchable zero-trust enterprise blockchain technology (for >300 transactions per second)

  • and more...

The Bridge Nexus

AppFusions’ solutions are the bridge nexus for enterprise IT operational business value and ROI, holistically and strategically.