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h3. Overview

Love your wiki. Engage your users. Deliver successful wiki adoption.

Do you know your [wiki gardeners|] from your [spectators|]?

This plugin can help you discover them, in real-time.

* Build adoption - understand user usage
* Increase engagement with league tables
* Detailed metrics on contribution and consumption
* Content creation, views, and deletes metrics
* Real-time data for all content types including attachments

With a little knowledge, you can encourage your user community to engage more, be empowered more, and improve your wiki adoption. etc.


Here's what the plugin does - so far.

* "Today's Activity" macro to show what's currently happening on Confluence, showing the top users and their activity
* User Engagement menu item under the Browse menu
* History menu item under the <User Name menu> links to a History tab showing current user's activity for the current week
* Usernames are clickable and link to the user's history

h3. Screenshots


h3. Video

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