Today Jive Software officially announced by press release – Jive Executives and Jive Apps Partners Explore Impact of 'Consumerprise' Era on Future of Business – their new Jive Apps Market included with their latest platform, "Jive five".

Included in their new Apps Market release is their highlighted new apps (cited below), of which AppFusions and our new JIRA in Jive application are "featured".

Thanks jive!

Ease of Use and Removing Excuses

JIRA in Jive is an application bringing together the needs of both the business user and development organizations with fast, quick and easy access from a single collaboration system.

JIRA in jive v1.1 is about easy access, ease of use, easy interface, and most importantly - removing excuses on why "it" was not logged!

JIRA is a core system and business and development information data collector in most any business practicing accountable task management and agile product development.

JIRA needs to be at the finger-tips of all employees, all the time, to progress business accountability, ideas, product development, innovation, and strategic alliance in businesses.

JIRA in Jive brings these lofty alignment goals one step closer.

v2.0 feature development efforts are already underway, in plans for JiveWorld11. Please stay tuned!

Exploring the 'Consumerprise Era' more...

AppFusions is thrilled to be attending a gathering of jive-ers and fellow featured Jive Apps partners for an "exclusive thought-leadership gathering on Wednesday, July 27 in San Francisco. The participants will discuss the quickly evolving apps market landscape and explore strategies to enable enterprises to thrive in the 'Consumerprise' era."

Featured Jive Apps Partners Attending the Event
Jive has partnered with leading cloud applications and system integrators to bring rich functionality to all employees across the enterprise, whether they work in sales, marketing, support, engineering or HR. Featured partners include: