Smart Cities Provide a Glimpse of the Future

However, there is a big gap between hype and reality. 


Becoming a smart city is not a goal but a means to an end. The objective is to respond more effectively and dynamically to current and future needs, and desires of citizens.


Technology is simply an enabler -- a tool to optimize infrastructure, resources, solutions, and spaces that they share.

To create smart cities and regions, city leaders must leverage data and technology while also implementing programs that promote civic engagement to help make citizens’ lives better and boost economic development.

Disruptive new technology in transport, communications and energy efficiency are becoming a reality—we will position our cities to take full advantage. We will leverage real time open data driven solutions and support investment in sectors commercialising new innovations to grow [the] economy.

To succeed in the 21st Century economy our cities need to be productive and accessible,but they also need to be liveable with a clear focus on serving their citizens.

~ Australian Smart Cities Plan 2016


Distributed Real-time Data and Collaboration Digital Experiences

In an ideal world, integrated digital experiences – for citizens, agencies, employees, and partners would just work – securely, seamlessly, functionally, and with delight. But they don’t. Instead, most Smart Cities have a growing problem of too many systems and silos, redundant or overlapping tools and data, and compounding communication challenges because of the “systems of chaos”.

No Smart City is immune to this challenge – and all Smart City CIOs wish vendor to vendor systems worked better together. 

Enter AppFusions' AlohaCloud for Smart Cities

AppFusions enables, optimizes, and grows mixed-systems digital experiences, communications and collaborations.


Our solutions put the end-user and their valuable time, first while minding the tricky technology integrations part too! 


Our integration and digital experience solutions bring together dozens of platforms, both in the cloud and on-premise, modern and legacy.


Trust in both your data and stakeholders is vital to innovate and compete effectively.


AlohaCloud runs on a distributed ledger and all data is stored and indexed in an immutable, fully permissioned, encrypted, and searchable high-speed enterprise blockchain.


Federating and trusting data is a huge move forward for any organization. Fully making sense of that data is the next step to empowering all constituents.


AlohaCloud includes an embedded BI engine, and all content and data can be leveraged for additional insights with AI/machine learning.


Data and privacy laws are taking shape around the globe with Europe leading the way on GDPR.


AlohaCloud is fully compliant to meet or exceed infoSec and compliance requirements, and to protecting all organizational and personal data.

“Smart city platforms need to extend beyond just IoT platforms to deliver full solutions that encompass citizen engagement and experience, ecosystems, data analytics and AI. Integration of SaaS and commercial off-the-shelf (COT) solutions into the platform will be essential for providing the functionality needed to meet local governments’ smart city goals and objectives with speed and agility."

"Governments must focus on the integration points for these technologies and how data is exchanged and base that on industry standards. Leveraging APIs to ingest and share data will position them to be  flexible as technologies mature and grow.”

Source: Gartner Predicts 2019: Smart Cities